What is the Republican-controlled PSC hiding?

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2020

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What is the Republican-controlled PSC hiding?

Charging $31,000 for public record requests is guilty behavior

Helena, MT – The Republican-controlled Public Service Commission is going to stunning lengths to keep information hidden, charging the journalists with Lee Enterprises as much as $31,000 for “legal reviews” to release documents, among other obfuscations. 

The PSC is a body elected by the people to coordinate public services and protect consumers from price gouging. Hardworking Montanans deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent at a publicly-funded agency. In fact, Montanans have the constitutional right to know.

Montanans have every reason to demand more transparency. Last year, the PSC was served a fiscal compliance audit due to negligent and unnecessary spending.  

“This isn’t a blue vs. red issue. This is a Montana issue,” says MDP Executive Director Sheila Hogan. “It’s particularly ironic that the PSC is choosing to hide public records as winter approaches. Montanans have already begun paying their heating bills, which are forecast to skyrocket under the PSC’s watch. They should know what the agency responsible for regulating those utilities is doing with their hard earned tax dollars. Now more than ever.” 


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