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Zinke Lacking Courage to Debate, Students Demand Answers

As students head back to school on campuses across Montana, they are demanding Ryan Zinke answer questions on issues important to them. The former SOFA PAC chairman has shown he lacks the political courage to face Montana students in an open and public forum.

Zinke Ducking Questions about His Ethical Lapses

Montanans are not getting the answers they deserve from former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke as he continues to decline participating in debates around Montana.

Zinke Dodges Debate, Hides from Montanans amid multiple ethical complaints

Zinke Runs Away from Discussing the Issues at Billings Gazette Debate

Congressman Daines Uses Taxpayer Money to Mislead Montanans

(Helena, MT) - Congressman Steve Daines was called out today by one of Montana's biggest newspapers for sending out a taxpayer-funded brochure that falsely depicted Daines working with the Montana Marine Corps League.

Ryan Zinke Parades Around Flathead with Washington Insider Entourage

(Helena, MT) - While U.S. candidate John Lewis met with small business owners in Kalispell as a part of his work to promote made-in-Montana jobs, former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke showed up to a fundraiser in a motorcade of intimidating black SUVs filled with Washington insiders like Speaker John Boehner.

New Report: Ryan Zinke Ignoring Montana

As Former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke gears up for a $10,000-per-couple fundraiser, a new report shows that only 28% of Ryan Zinke’s campaign donations have come from Montana, compared to over 70% of John Lewis’s.

Montana Democratic Party Statement on Amanda Curtis’s Nomination for U.S. Senate at the Special Nominating Convention

The Montana Democratic Party released the following statement after the announcement that Amanda Curtis secured the Senate nomination at the Special Nominating Convention:

“Amanda Curtis is a force to be reckoned with. In her time in the state legislature, Curtis proved her strength as a voice for hardworking, everyday Montanans. Amanda has a proven record as a communicator and fighter. As a teacher, Curtis has a unique insight into what matters most to Montana families. In Washington, Curtis will work with both sides to champion the issues that matter most to Montanans. Whether she is expanding opportunities for Montana children, keeping our public lands public, fighting for worker’s right, or ensuring women have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions, Amanda Curtis is the voice Montana needs. We are thrilled to work with her and make sure that she is Montana’s next U.S. Senator,” said Jim Larson, Chair of the Montana Democratic Party.



Zinke Has Opportunity to Share Records with Montanans: Will He Take It?

Democrats outline painfully simple process for Zinke to access full military record

Montana Democratic Party Announces Date, Time, Location of Special Nominating Convention

The Montana Democratic Party today announce details of the Special Nominating Convention to select the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in the 2014 general election.

Letter from State Party Chairman, Jim Larson on Special Nominating Convention

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