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Gianforte's Agenda Puts Montana's Balanced Budget at Risk

In recent editorial board interviews with the Helena Independent Record and the Billings Gazette, Greg Gianforte proposed several budgetary actions that would ultimately eliminate the state's rainy day fund.

Senator Tammy Baldwin To Headline 2016 Mansfield Metcalf Dinner

Montana Democrats are excited to announce United States Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin will be the keynote speaker for the 38th Annual Mansfield Metcalf Dinner on March 19.

Montana Democrats Respond to Matt Rosendale Filing for State Auditor

I’d put Jesse’s record of protecting Montanans up against anyone. Jesse’s Montana values were instilled in him growing up in Anaconda, and they will always trump Matt Rosendale’s Maryland values.

Ryan Zinke Puts Politics Before Health Care Services for Montana's Families

“The question is simple,” Keenan asked. “Does the Congressman stand with Montana women and their ability to access vital health care, or doesn’t he?”

Basis for Gianforte's Campaign Exposed as a Distortion

This morning on MTN News' Face The State, MSU Political Scientist Dr. David Parker challenged Greg Gianforte's claim that Montana is 49th in wages.

Gianforte Refuses to Explain His Support For a Known Hate Group

Greg Gianforte has spent the past week hiding his out-of-touch agenda from reporters and the public. One of the many parts of his past he is trying to bury is his $14,000 in donations to the known hate group, Family Research Council.

The "No Comment" Candidate

In just 7 days, Greg Gianforte has ducked reporters' questions an eye opening 14 times (that we know of). Gianforte wants to hide his out-of-the-mainstream agenda from the public, but Montanans deserve to know where he stands on the issues.

Gianforte's Discrimination Agenda Could Cost Montana Millions of Dollars

This week the Associated Press reported that Indiana may have lost as much as $60 million in hotel profits, taxes and other revenue as a result of Gov. Mike Pence's controversial pro-discrimination law.

Sounds of Silence: Gianforte Mum on State Discrimination Policy

Yesterday New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte was asked if he would repeal Governor Steve Bullock's executive action to expand protections against discrimination for Montanans. The Billings Gazette praised the decision, saying "Bullock stands up for Montanans' rights."

Gianforte Kicks Off Campaign by Distorting the Facts and Misleading Montanans

It didn't take long for Greg Gianforte to distort the facts in an attempt to mislead Montanans about his out-of-touch agenda. As we learn more about how Gianforte does not share Montana's values, here are just a few facts Gianforte got wrong at his staged campaign events this week.


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