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Zinke Calls Debt Reduction “Naive,” Protects Out Of State Corporations Bankrolling His Campaign

While John Lewis laid out his 5 point plan to tackle our nation’s debt, Ryan Zinke continued his campaign theme of offering up more political talk and less concrete solutions.

Congressman Daines Prioritizes Himself, Corporations over Montana Seniors

(Helena, MT) - Today, Amanda Curtis unveiled her plan to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for Montana’s seniors and future generations. The same cannot be said for Congressman Steve Daines, who has worked to turn Medicare into a voucher system, increasing out-of-pocket costs for Montana seniors.

Ryan Zinke Attempts to Re-Write History: Fact Checking Zinke’s Real Record on Education

(Helena, MT) –Former Super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke is once again failing to hold himself accountable to his own record on education. In a new revision of history according to Zinke, he stated, “Nobody fought harder for education funding than me.

Congressman Daines Gets an F in Geography

Congressman Steve Daines has been ducking debates with US Senate Candidate and Butte math teacher Amanda Curtis. Curtis challenged Daines to 14 debates including one at each of Montana’s seven Indian Reservations.

Record Shows: Daines and Zinke Don't Stand for Montana Women

(Helena, MT) – Saturday marks two decades since the historic Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

Zinke Pulls a Fast One: Announces Education Plan that Directly Contradicts His Record

(Missoula, MT) – Former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke released an education plan laced with political rhetoric and filled with special interest handouts that make education less attainable for Montana students.

New Poster Child for Citizens United: Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke and his former coworkers at SOFA PAC won a victory over transparency and average Montanans today as the Senate failed to pass a constitutional amendment banning dark money from elections. Yesterday, the U.S. House blocked a vote on the same constitutional amendment instead choosing to defend corporate spending in elections and uphold the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

Daines Stands by Corporate Special Interests, More Dark Money in Politics

Congressman Steve Daines has once again failed Montanans by blocking a vote on a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United and eliminate dark money from elections. In addition, Daines' allies in the Senate stood in the way of passing a constitutional amendment banning dark money.

In Case You Missed It: Zinke's Flip-Flopping on Guns Builds Enthusiasm Gap among Fellow Republicans

Gun Rights Advocates: "Ryan Zinke is showing serious signs he'd be an anti-gun vote in the U.S. House"

Ryan Zinke Campaign Attire: Flip-Flops

This summer former SOFA PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has shown off his best flip-flops as he introduces himself to Montana voters. Ryan Zinke’s main message— “I’m whoever is most political advantageous right now.”


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