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Congressman Steve Daines fails to face Montanans after disastrous votes in Washington

Claims he's “too busy” to talk to Montanans but refuses to disclose his public schedule – consistent with his low transparency rating

As Congressman Daines Claims to Be Too Busy to Debate, Montanans Ask “Where Is He?”

Montanans have taken out a missing persons ad for Congressman Steve Daines, who claims to be too busy to participate in the only Primary Election debate but has scarcely been seen in state.

Daines increases costs for students to give himself a tax break

As Senator John Walsh kicks off a college affordability tour across Montana, Congressman Daines must explain his support to drastically increase college costs while giving a tax cut to himself and corporations that ship American jobs overseas.

Daines Puts Politics before Veterans and Their Families

Though Congressman Steve Daines attended the dedication of an expanded VA clinic in Billings, he’s constantly voted against funding for programs that serve men and women in uniform and their families.

Montana Democratic Party Statement on House Passage of Ryan Budget

Montana Democratic Party executive director Andrea Marcoccio released the following statement today following Congressman Steve Daines’ vote for the Ryan budget that would raise taxes on middle class families while cutting taxes for millionaires.

Daines to Vote on Ryan Budget that Could Sell Montana Public Lands

Ryan Budget includes public lands sale that would jeopardize outdoor heritage and tourism economy. Daines already pushing ‘Land-Grab’ bill and allowing Republican colleagues to hold up North Fork Watershed Protection Act

Daines Denies Unemployment Insurance for Montanans Out of Work But Applauds Plan to Cut Taxes for Corporations & Millionaires

As the U.S. Senate considers an extension of unemployment insurance that would serve thousands of Montana families and veterans, Congressman Steve Daines stands squarely against the program – even as he reaffirms his support for millionaire and corporate tax cuts.

Double-talk from Zinke: Expresses Concern for Homeless High School Students, But Supports Plan To Cut Pell Grants

Once again, former SOFA Pac Chairman and U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke is sending mixed messages to Montanans on what he stands for.

“Special Interest” Steve Daines Supports More Money in Politics

Congressman defends McCutcheon decision, builds on record of protecting corporate & special interests

Radio silence from Montana GOP House candidates on the Ryan Budget

Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest budget yesterday putting Washington special interests before the middle class families. The Montana GOP U.S. House candidates have stayed eerily quiet on whether or not they support the Ryan Budget.


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