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Tomorrow Marks One Year Anniversary of Government Shutdown

(Helena, MT) – One year ago today, Congressman Daines and Republicans in the House of Representatives placed partisanship and special interests above Montana and our country, resulting in the first government shutdown in 17 years that began on October 1, 2013. Ryan Zinke quickly voiced his support for the shutdown that cost Montana $45 million in economic activity

Zinke Flees Montana for Texas to Avoid Questions about Flip-Flops

(Helena, MT) - Today, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke fled Montana for a fundraiser in Texas with Representative Pete Sessions, a chief architect of the costly government shutdown. Zinke had to flee the state quickly in order to avoid questions about his flip-flops on choice and public lands and the role he played in a super PAC he created.

Daines Gives More Empty Promises to Indian Country

(Helena, MT) -Today marks the celebration of American Indian Heritage Day and Congressman Steve Daines has yet to fulfill his empty promises to Indian Country.

Native American Day Highlights Zinke's Failing Record in Indian Country

(Helena, MT) – As we celebrate American Indian Heritage Day and honor the rich culture and heritage of Native American in Montana, we are reminded that not all work to strengthen and protect Indian Country.

Will Zinke Show Up For Montana or Spend an Extra Day in Texas?

New information has come available on Ryan Zinke’s out-of-state fundraising schedule. Zinke will be in Dallas with Congressman Pete Sessions on September 30th.

Zinke Comes Back from Hollywood with New flip-flops for Texas

(Helena, MT) – Fresh off a fundraising trip to Los Angeles, California, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has new flip-flops to try out as he heads for the border.

Ryan Zinke Flees Montana for California’s Sunny Skies

(Helena, MT) – On the first day of autumn, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has fled Montana for warmer weather in Los Angeles, California. Zinke is in Los Angeles to beg his super PAC pals and out-of-state special interests to save his bankrupt campaign.

Why does Zinke stand with Texas, not Montana?

Former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has made it abundantly clear that he will stand with Texas, not Montana.

Daines Continues Anti-Public Lands Agenda in Congress

(Helena, MT) - Congressman Daines spent a full day in Washington yesterday leading the effort to send a land-grab bill through the House of Representatives and fundraising with special interest lobbyists.

Montanans to Ryan Zinke: We Don't Trust You

(Helena, MT) -Folks across Montana have been writing letters to the editor saying one thing—they don’t trust former Super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke.


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