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Zinke Continues to Dodge Troubling Numbers

Former SOFA PAC Chairman Ryan Zinke is racking up some troubling numbers in his quest to gain public office.

Daines Continues Anti-Women Agenda Putting Corporations before Women’s Health

While women across Montana rally behind Senator John Walsh, Congressman Steve Daines continues to put corporate special interests ahead of Montana women and families.

Montana Democratic Party Seeks Information Regarding Ryan Zinke’s Alleged Use of Taxpayer Dollars for Personal Travel

After repeated calls for U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke to release his military records, the Montana Democratic Party today filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the U.S. Department of the Navy. The request seeks to obtain never before seen documents related to allegations that Zinke misused taxpayer dollars for personal travel.

WEEKEND RECAP: Daines Attends Super PAC Retreat at Ritzy Resort While Walsh, in Montana, Works to Protect Montana Children & Families

Congressman Steve Daines spent his weekend campaigning with his base: Super PAC donors and lobbyists.

SILENCE: Ryan Zinke Yet to Clear up Ethical Questions on Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

More that two weeks have passed and former Special Operations for America PAC chairman Ryan Zinke has yet to answer questions regarding allegations that he misused taxpayer money for personal travel. The Montana Democratic Party called on Zinke to release his full military records in order to clear the record.

Montana Women to Congressman Daines: “Support Women, Not Corporations”

Women across Montana are sending a loud and clear message to Congressman Steve Daines: “support women, not corporations.”

New FEC Complaint Filed Against Ryan Zinke

The Montana Democratic Party filed a formal complaint today with the Federal Election Commission against U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke. The complaint stems from instances of potential illegal coordination between Ryan Zinke and the super PAC he founded, Special Operations for America PAC.

Using Taxpayer Dollars for Personal Travel? Ryan Zinke Faces Questions about His Ethics and Transparency

Amid allegations of using taxpayer money for personal travel, the Montana Democratic Party is calling on former SOFA PAC chairman, Ryan Zinke to release his full military records.

CRICKETS: Daines Dodges Challenge to Meet Walsh

Daines Using Swiftboat Attack to Cover up His Own Disastrous Record

Daines, Zinke support sell-off of Montana Public Lands

GOP Candidates double down on policies that jeopardize public lands and economy


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