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Emails reveal Gianforte's belief that discrimination is good for businesses

Gianforte asked officials to support discrimination in Bozeman, National Journal reports

Montana Democratic Party Announces Nancy Keenan as Executive Director

The Montana Democratic Party is pleased to announce and welcome Montana-native Nancy Keenan as the new executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. Keenan comes to the Montana Democratic Party with nearly three decades of experience in Montana and national politics.

ICYMI: Daines blasted for vote on federal land transfer amendment

From the Helena Independent Record: “Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines came under fire from conservation groups and outdoor-related business interests Friday after his vote for an amendment critics say is a first step to federal land transfer or sale.”

Montanans to GOP: “Pass DISCLOSE Act Now”

While Greg Gianforte continues to pour money into groups opposed to transparency and despite Republican leadership doubling down on their support for dark money in Montana elections, Montanans are demanding passage of Governor Steve Bullock’s DISCLOSE Act.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why is Greg Gianforte fighting FOR dark money?

Greg Gianforte, the New Jersey-turned-Montana billionaire, is almost solely funding the opposition to Sen. Duane Ankney (R-Colstrip) and Gov. Steve Bullock’s landmark clean campaign legislation. The question is: WHY?

GOP Budget Fiscally Irresponsible, Hurts Montana Small Businesses, Children, Communities

Montana Republicans continue to push a fiscally irresponsible budget that slashes investment in Montana’s small businesses, children's health care, and education.

Zinke Lies about Service, Records show “Lapses in Judgment” and “Declining Performance Marks” in Leadership

Game Changer in US House Race, Records Reveal Zinke Is not Who He Says He Is

(Helena, MT) – After months of public pressure and a strong, steady drumbeat from Montana voters, Ryan Zinke finally released the 1999 Fitness Report, the Navy’s version of an employee review, that he’s been hiding for months. The newly released report proves the Ryan Zinke has been lying to the people of Montana and cites two “lapses in judgment” by Zinke and “declining performance marks in Military Bearing and Leadership”

Ryan Zinke Cover Up Continues: Hiding Military Records By Mud-Slinging

(Helena, MT) - Former Super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke continues to cover up a 1999 fitness report, the Navy’s version of an employee performance evaluation, that one of his former SEAL commander’s claims is a blemish on his record. Zinke formed a super PAC that is now benefitting his campaign based solely on being a former Navy SEAL. Instead of highlighting his legislative record, his campaign has been almost completely focused on a military record that is hidden from the public.

Congressman Daines Fails to Tell Truth in Billings Senate Debate

Congressman Steve Daines once again tried to pull the wool over Montana voter's eyes, failing to tell the truth about his voting record in Washington.

Zinke Cooks the Books to Raise Fundraising Numbers

(Helena, MT) - Last night, former super PAC chairman Ryan Zinke announced his quarterly fundraising numbers and Montanans could smell something fishy going on.


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