Rosendale Can’t Be Bothered to Show Up for Montana Farmers and Ranchers

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Rosendale Can’t Be Bothered to Show Up for Montana Farmers and Ranchers

Montana Farmers Union: “It kind of surprises me that he would ignore us.” 

Helena, MT – Maryland Matt Rosendale has blown off an invitation to participate in a forum hosted by the Montana Farmers Union, citing “scheduling conflicts,” but reassuring voters that he has “deep ties to the agricultural community.” 

Both Maryland Matt’s scheduling conflict and supposed “deep ties” to the agricultural community are unclear, considering the forum is taking place virtually on a Saturday afternoon during a pandemic, and Rosendale infamously claimed to be a rancher despite not owning a single head of cattle. Maryland Matt is notoriously out of touch with rural Montana, having previously asserted that the minimum wage in Eastern Montana is $15 an hour – a grossly exaggerated claim that shows just how detached from our rural communities he really is.

“We all know that Maryland Matt Rosendale is out of touch, but to blow off an invitation to discuss the issues that matter to Montana’s farmers and ranchers demonstrates new levels of apathy towards rural Montana,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “I hope Matt reconsiders his refusal — he might end up learning something.”

KULR8: Rosendale says ‘no’ to Ag Debate
By: Megan Lewis


“Republican candidate for Montana’s lone seat in the US House, Matt Rosendale, is declining an invitation from the Montana Farmers Union to debate other candidates for the US House seat this Saturday.”

“Rosendale, who lost to Senator Jon Tester in the 2018 bid for US Senate, is citing scheduling conflicts.”

“Montana Farmers Union President Walter Schweitzer said he was disappointed Rosendale wouldn’t be in attendance, ‘You would think that he would want to come and talk to rural and ag issues. Agriculture is our number one industry. It kind of surprises me that he would ignore us.'”

“The debate, sponsored by Montana Farmers Union, will feature the other 5 Republicans running against Rosendale.  They are Debra Lamm, Joe Dooling, John Evankovich, Corey Stapleton, and Mark McGinley.  Both Democrats, Kathleen Williams and Tom Winter, have also agreed to the debate.”


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