Fact Check: Daines Opposed Expanded UI Benefits, Can’t Say Where COVID-19 Tests Are

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Friday, April 17, 2020

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Fact Check: Daines Opposed Expanded UI Benefits, Can’t Say Where COVID-19 Tests Are

Helena, MT – Barely 15 minutes into a taxpayer-funded tele-town hall, Senator Daines lied to Montanans again about his record on the coronavirus response. 

Daines said he was “working to expand the unemployment insurance for Montanans,” but he stood with party leaders and special interests to oppose expanded unemployment insurance benefits, voting for an amendment that would have “capped unemployment benefits and denied some people the extra $600.” Daines was already caught dishonestly bragging about this extra money that, if it had been up to him, would not be available to Montanans. 

Daines also said we need expanded testing — except testing has slowed and the federal government has fallen behind on making tests widely available, and public health experts warn we cannot safely reopen until more tests are available. Daines isn’t asking questions about why the White House failed to implement “large-scale testing” that could have helped contain the spread. Daines is also running campaign commercials touting his record on tests — but where are they?

“Senator Daines is still trying to rewrite his record on the coronavirus response, again attempting to take credit for unemployment benefits he voted to cap,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Instead of fighting to get Montana’s health care workers the resources that they need, Steve Daines is busy covering up his efforts to cap benefits for out-of-work Montanans, and running campaign commercials promoting himself. Montanans deserve better.


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