Ahead of Tomorrow’s Debate, Serious Questions Remain About Gianforte’s Plans for Montana

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Friday, May 1, 2020

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Ahead of Tomorrow’s Debate, Serious Questions Remain About Gianforte’s Plans for Montana

Helena, MT – After facing criticism for bailing on last weekend’s debate, Greg Gianforte has decided to participate in tomorrow’s gubernatorial debate, sponsored by the Montana Broadcasters Association. Although Gianforte has done his best to avoid questions from his constituents and primary opponents alike, tomorrow’s debate will offer Montanans a chance to finally get answers to the questions Gianforte has dodged throughout his campaign. 

1. In 2018, Greg Gianforte introduced legislation in Congress to strip Wilderness Study Area protections from nearly 700,000 acres of Montana’s public lands, a move described by conservation advocates as “the single biggest rollback of protected public lands in Montana history— without any consultation from his constituents in Montana. Why does New Jersey Millionaire Greg Gianforte support this policy, despite it being opposed by 75% of Montanans?

2. Gianforte still refuses to support full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), putting him at odds with his primary opponents and even President TrumpIs Gianforte ready to offer his full support for the LWCF, a critical program – with bipartisan support – that has protected Montana public lands for decades?

3. A long time opponent of quality, affordable health care, Greg Gianforte has called Medicaid expansion – which insures more than 80,000 Montanans and has created thousands of jobs – “a disaster,” and has said that he’d vote in Congress to dismantle the ACA “piece by piece.” Why does Congressman Gianforte support throwing 142,000 Montanans off their health coverage and opening 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions to insurance company discrimination? Moreover, some who Gianforte will share a stage with tomorrow have opposed a Republican lawsuit seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Greg Gianforte voted against directing the House of Representatives’ to oppose that lawsuit, which is before the Supreme Court right now. Why does Gianforte continue to support a lawsuit that, if successful, would rip health coverage away from the 80,000 Montanans insured by Medicaid expansion?

“Greg Gianforte owes Montanans the truth tomorrow night,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “He needs to own up for refusing to stand up for Montanans’ access to quality health care, and doubling down on his dangerous positions in the middle of a pandemic. He needs to answer for siding with his wealthy friends who want to privatize and sell off our state’s treasured heritage. The pressure is on, Greg. Montanans will be watching.”


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