Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

The Montana Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (MDLCC) is a wing of the Montana Democratic Party. MDLCC provides professional candidate services to Democrats running for the State House or State Senate. Our mission is to elect Democrats to the State Legislature and win majorities in the State House and Senate, the two distinct chambers of Montana’s legislative branch. We strive to create a more perfect union for the benefit of all Montanans.

Why do we need MDLCC?

The Montana Democratic Party outside of MDLCC focuses on national races and statewide races for positions like the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, and Attorney General. While these races are important, more change comes from the local level and the statehouse in Helena than you might think. Because of this, it’s crucial we have substantial representation for the party that fights for hardworking Montanans in the State Legislature.

What does MDLCC do?

  • Candidate Recruitment
  • Candidate Trainings
  • Campaign Team Trainings
  • Professional Campaign Advice and Guidance
  • On-the-Ground Resources for Highly Competitive Races

What actions can you take to support MDLCC’s work?

Are you interested in running for office?

If you’re interested in representing your district in Helena and you’re committed to making Montana a better place, we’d love to have you on our team. Contact MDLCC Director Luke Howard.

Who are the full-time staff at MDLCC?

Who are our 2020 Candidates?

Use this link to find out which districts you live in

*=Current Legislators

State House

Marvin Sather, District 1
Lori Ramesz, District 2
*Debo Powers, District 3
*Dave Fern, District 5
Jerramy Ruel, District 6
Ross Frazier, District 7
Jennifer Allen, District 10
Gerry Browning, District 12
Colleen Hinds, District 13
*Marvin Weatherwax, District 15
*Tyson Running Wolf, District 16
Barnett Sporkin-Morrison, District 17
Melissa Smith, District 20
Jaime Horn, District 21
Jasmine Taylor, District 22
*Brad Hamlett, District 23
*Barbara Bessette, District 24
*Jasmine Krotkov, District 25
Helena Lovick, District 26
Krystal Steinmetz, District 28
Cindy Palmer, District 30
Frank Smith, District 31
*Jonathan Windy Boy, District 32
Kris Spanjian, District 40
Rynalea Whiteman Pena, District 41
*Sharon Stewart Peregoy, District 42
Terry Dennis, District 44
Zach Ladson, District 46
*Kathy Kelker, District 47
*Jessica Karjala, District 48
*Emma Kerr-Carpenter, District 49
*Jade Bahr, District 50
Anne Giuliano, District 51
Hannah Olson, District 52
Ryan Thomsen, District 54
Elizabeth “Betsy” Scanlin, District 58
Dan Vermillion, District 59
*Laurie Bishop, District 60
*James Hamilton, District 61
Ed Stafman, District 62
Alice Buckley, District 63
Brian Popiel, District 64
Kelly Kortum, District 65
*Denise Hayman, District 66
Collette Campbell, District 67
Claire Broling, District 68
Ian Root, District 71
*Jim Keane, District 73
*Derek Harvey, District 74
Bryher Herak, District 75
Donovan Hawk, District 76
Sara Novak, District 77
Cindy Hiner, District 78
*Robert Farris-Olsen, District 79
*Mary Caferro, District 81
*Moffie Funk, District 82
*Kim Abbott, District 83
*Mary Ann Dunwell, District 84
Laura Jackson, District 85
Laura Merrill, District 87
*Katie Sullivan, District 89
*Marilyn Marler, District 90
*Connie Keogh, District 91
Thomas Browder, District 92
Lisa Pavlock, District 93
Tomas France, District 94
Danny Tenenbaum, District 95
Loni Conley, District 96
Lou Ann Hansen, District 97
*Willis Curdy, District 98
Mark Thane, District 99
*Andrea Olsen, District 100

State Senate

Kyle Waterman, District 2
Guthrie Quist, District 3
Diane Magone, District 7
Mike Fox, District 16
Pat Mischel, District 18
Rae Peppers, District 21
*Jen Gross, District 25
*Margie MacDonald, District 26
Christopher Pope, District 31
Ryan Lynch, District 37
*Edith McClafferty, District 38
Mark Sweeney, District 39
Catherine Scott, District 40
Margaret Gorski, District 44
Ellie Hill Smith, District 45
Shannon O’Brien, District 46
Chase Gay, District 47

If you have the means, consider making a donation to MDLCC so we can keep working hard for hard-working Montanans!