Montana Blue Bench Project

The Blue Bench Project

The Blue Bench Project is a program of the Montana Democratic Party that is dedicated to electing Democrats and Progressives to local office, including Municipal and County-level positions.  The aim of the Blue Bench Project is to build our party by growing at the grassroots level.  We believe that Democrats and candidates from the Blue Bench program are better suited to make an impact in their hometowns. Local involvement is a great way for you to give back to your community while building a public profile for future runs at office.  The Blue Bench Project is here to get you started and provide professional-level advice that normally does not happen in local and smaller campaigns.

Blue Bench is in the process of building a steering committee to be made up of the MDP Executive Director, Legislative Leaders, and Leaders from Rural Montana and Indian Country.

Services we offer include:

  • Recruitment
  • Candidate Trainings on election basics, building a campaign team, volunteer recruitment, messaging, fundraising, budgeting, voter contact, and campaign compliance.
  • Professional-level Campaign advice on everything from setting up your campaign, to creating a public image, and messaging.
  • Coordination of bulk purchasing for walk cards, candidate mail services, and digital advertisement.

Who we are:
The Blue Bench Project is led by Ethan Smith, who can be reached at 406-442-9520. The program may provide on-the-ground resources closer to elections. The Blue Bench also works very closely with the other programs and staffers of the Montana Democratic Party.

If you are interested in running for local office please contact Ethan Smith at 406-442-9520.