A Year Later: Rosendale Disastrous for Montanans’ Health Care


Helena – Today marks one year since the House passed a bill – which failed with bipartisan opposition in the Senate – that would have increased premiums, not covered pre-existing conditions, and ripped Medicaid coverage away from millions of Americans.

It is also a stark reminder that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale supported that disastrous bill, and that he has been consistent in promoting policies that would increase health premiums and harm Montanans and their health care.

Rosendale is still deceiving Montanans about the controversial health care program Medi-Share by touting it as a legitimate insurance plan, even though it was banned from Montana more than a decade ago because of fraud.

The short-term insurance policies that Rosendale supports, will cause premiums to skyrocket by an average of nearly 20 percent in Montana. And he rubber stamped higher health care costs for Montanans.

Rosendale has also doubled down on his opposition to Montana’s Medicaid Plan, ignoring a new study finding that the Medicaid Plan benefits the state economy, supports thousands of jobs a year, saves Montana $40 million, and benefits personal income and health. Medicaid plans have helped strengthen Montana’s community health centers that tens of thousands across the state rely on.

Rosendale is misleading Montanans about his long record of thwarting access to health care and pushing policies that increase costs and hurt consumers.


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