Who’s Behind the Senate Reform Fund, One of Rosendale’s Top Outside Dark Money Backers?

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – A secretive super PAC formed over the summer called the Senate Reform Fund has spent more than $1.1 million attacking Jon Tester with lies to prop up the campaign of East Coast developer Matt Rosendale.

It’s been several months, and the Senate Reform Fund still hasn’t disclosed its donors. We gave up trying to guess who they were, and decided to go on a mission to meet the mystery folks behind the DC-based super PAC, find out who is funding it, and why they’re so desperate to buy a seat in the Senate for Rosendale.

Here’s what we found:

Oh, P.S. — Rosendale voted against the Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures.

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