What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines
Helena, MT –  Montanans are fed up with Senator Steve Daines saying one thing to Montanans, then doing another in Washington. From parroting tough-on-China talking points from his D.C. consultants after spending years cozying up to Chinese officials, to masquerading as a conservationist despite a long history of playing politics with Montana’s public lands – Daines has shown the people of Big Sky Country that they can’t count on him. 

Here’s what Montanans have been saying: 

Missoulian: Daines ads hypocritical 
“Please don’t let Steve Daines and his dark-money allies pull the wool over your eyes. They are hypocrites. In one ad, Daines decries China’s role in minimizing the danger of COVID. Really? […] Daines only wants you to forget his own strong and longstanding ties to China. […] Daines pretends he supports health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, when he voted against it time and time again. Daines insults your intelligence. Show him you are smarter than that.”

Livingston Enterprise: “Daines is no friend to Montana’s seniors” 
“Steve Daines has voted to gut funding for Medicare, turn it into a voucher system, and raise the retirement age to make Montanans work even longer to get the Medicare benefits they worked years to earn. That’s not just bad policy, it’s a cruel attack on Montana’s seniors. Sen. Daines stands behind a plan to punch a billion-dollar hole in funding for programs like Social Security and Medicare that are critical to supporting seniors during this challenging time. Steve Daines is no friend to Montana’s seniors. He’s spent his years in the Senate working to defund and dismantle programs that they rely on.”

Flathead Beacon: Montanans Deserve Better than Daines 
“In the midst of a pandemic that is impacting all Montanans, [Daines] only answer is to cut taxes, which jeopardizes the future of Medicare and Social Security, and does nothing to lend additional help to the small businesses from Libby to Sidney and every place between battling for their very survival. And not to mention it does nothing for the thousands of unemployed Montanans wondering how to put food on the table. He’s been pushing for this since the beginning of negotiations in Congress on a COVID-19 relief package and intends to introduce legislation to this effect soon. As a senior, I wonder how Steve Daines can claim to support Montana’s seniors when he supports a proposal that would jeopardize funding for two essential programs that all seniors in Montana have paid into their entire working lives.”

Missoulian: “Re-election is more important to Daines than our troops’ safety”
“Sen. Steve Daines’ virtual silence on U.S. intelligence reports that Putin’s Russia put a bounty on U.S. troops is moral cowardice. Daines’ failure to demand an investigation of this horrific, solid intelligence is disgraceful but understandable. Daines knows Russian interference is again helping Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Daines is counting on Trump’s coattails to drag him across the finish line in his race. Criticism of Putin or Russia jeopardizes Daines’ re-election, so troops be damned. Re-election is more important to Daines than our troops’ safety. What a cowardly hypocrite. In July of 2018, with great fanfare, Daines traveled to Russia, supposedly to confront Russia for its interference in our 2016 election. Afterwards, Daines told reporters he talked tough: “We sent a strong message and a direct message to the Russian government. First of all, don’t interfere in U.S elections…” Now, in 2020, with more Russian election interference but faced with losing his office, a meek Daines won’t demand an investigation into Russian bounties on our troops.

Helena IR: Daines priorities out of whack
“Sen. Daines thought it a great use of our taxpayer money to give tax breaks to corporations and the top 10% of wage earners, which subsequently blew a trillion-dollar hole in the deficit. […] When it came to funding for the SouthWest veterans home, Daines voted against the bill because of his supposed concern about excessive spending. He used the same excuse in voting against funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and resources for firefighters who work tirelessly to keep us safe from Montana’s wildfires. He even voted to gut Medicaid expansion, which provides healthcare to more than 80,000 low-income Montanans and helped save rural hospitals in all corners of the state, because he said he was concerned about its fiscal impact.”

Missoulian: Daines does nothing for Montana
“Steve [Daines] supported Trump’s Chinese import tariffs, causing hardship for Montana’s farmers and ranchers […] How can any Montanan say that Steve [Daines] has been an advocate for their needs and interests when [he] hides from public forums and conversations, just meeting with supporters in business offices across Montana? […] Daines does nothing for the vast majority of Montana’s voters who need a vibrant economy and full employment.”

Billings Gazette: “The word hypocritical comes to mind”
“Daines spent six years of his career living in China working for Proctor & Gamble. His area of responsibility included starting up Chinese factories that employed Chinese workers. While that was happening P&G was getting rid of U.S. jobs. Now he is flooding the media saying that it is about time that we get tough on China and move our manufacturing back home. That’s rich, considering he helped P&G expand its manufacturing and business in China. The word hypocritical comes to mind. Meanwhile, back in Washington, Daines and his allies have said that we need to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The big question is replace with what? The Republican led Senate has had three and a half years to answer that question and they have come up with nothing, a big fat zero.”


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