What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 

Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines is caught in a never-ending cycle of saying one thing to Montanans, then doing another in Washington D.C. 
From serving as a “China Cheerleader” for years then suddenly adopting “tough-on-China” talking points to promising to protect people with pre-existing conditions despite repeatedly voting to gut the Affordable Care Act – Daines has shown the people of Big Sky Country that he clearly cannot be trusted. 
Here’s what Montanans have been saying: 
 Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Recent praise for Daines’ conservation record a joke
“From his first day in Congress, Daines has been an obstacle to any progress related to conservation, including funding of the LWCF. Now, he wants to get credit for its passage. The real reason Daines supported the bill is because he’s in the fight for his political life against Gov. Bullock, a true supporter of our public lands. Daines pleaded with McConnell to allow this bill to go forward so he could take credit for it. Daines has one of the worst voting records in Congress when it comes to our public lands. He never leads, but instead always follows and then follows only when he has no choice. Multiple times in the past he has stood in the way of funding for LWCF.  Now the nomination for William Pendley to head the BLM is nearing a vote. Pendley is an outspoken advocate for selling off public lands. This is Daines’ chance to show true commitment to public lands, but I doubt we can count on him.”
Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Bullock, not Daines, will protect our health care
“Steve Daines [has] consistently refused to stand up for Montanans’ health care in the Senate. Daines stood with special interests over Montanans when he voted repeatedly to roll back Medicaid expansion and strip protections from people with pre-existing conditions. Even in the middle of a health crisis, Daines hasn’t stopped attacking Montanans’ access to quality, affordable health care. He still supports a lawsuit that would kick thousands of Montanans off their health care when they need it most. Despite what he says, Daines is no friend to the 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions and those who rely on Medicaid expansion for affordable care. We need Gov. Bullock as our senator.”
Daily Interlake: Daines supports lawsuit to rip healthcare coverage from the most vulnerable
Senator Steve Daines has often been critical of federal judges who ‘legislate from the bench,’ in his words, but apparently legislating from the bench is perfectly acceptable as long as it suits his ideological goals. Daines recently expressed his support for a lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court that seeks to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act. If the lawsuit were to succeed, Montana’s Medicaid expansion (which Daines has voted to undermine) and protections for 152,000 Montanans with a pre-existing condition could be lost. Of all the lawsuits Senator Daines could be on board with in the middle of a global pandemic, he chooses the one that would rip healthcare coverage from the most vulnerable of our neighbors when they need it most. He didn’t get his wish to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Congress, so now he wants the Supreme Court to do his work for him.”
Daily Interlake: Daines won’t push back on China
“[N]ow that Daines is firmly against China’s role in global affairs (even though he made his fortune there working for an American corporation that eliminated 4000 jobs here at home), why didn’t Daines join his fellow Republican Senators – like Chuck Grassley of Iowa – in pushing back on the President’s tariffs against China because of their devastating impact on American agriculture, especially in Montana? Yes, the silly season is upon us, and some folks are trying to snow us.”
Ravalli Republic: Daines doesn’t fight for Montanans
It may be thousands of miles away, but decisions made in Washington impact us, our families, our neighbors, and our communities, so we deserve a senator who shows up, listens, and looks out for every Montanan like they would their own family or neighbors. Steve Daines is not that Senator. During his time in Washington, Steve Daines has been busy looking out for his own priorities and has taken more than $2 million from corporate special interest groups and over $300,000 from the insurance industry, to the detriment of his constituents back home. Not only does Senator Daines consistently take money from these special interest groups instead of listening to the interests of Montanans, he supports efforts that would rip protections away from the 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions and those who rely on Medicaid expansion. Real Montanans look out for each other and fight for each other. Steve Daines does not fight for us, but instead chooses to prioritize the interests of those corporate donors who’re whispering in his ear.”

Missoulian: Daines has failed veterans
“When the time came to vote for the Southwest Montana Veterans Home that Butte veterans fought for years to fund, Daines failed to do right by veterans and voted no. Even worse, he shamelessly showed up to the photo op in Butte celebrating the funding for the home that Senator Tester secured — the very funding that Daines voted against. In the meantime, Governor Steve Bullock was working to expand economic, health, and educational opportunities for returning veterans, and was taking steps to honor their service. The nearly 100,000 veterans that call Montana home deserve a real champion in the Senate, not someone only worried about getting credit for work he didn’t do. This November, vote for the one candidate with a proven record of delivering for those of us who served our country — Governor Steve Bullock.” 
Missoulian: Daines is no fiscal conservative
“Steve Daines likes to pat himself on the back as a fiscal conservative. Come again? In Daines’ Senate tenure, our national debt skyrocketed. When the economy was booming, Daines hyped corporate welfare for millionaires, saddling my Montana kids and grandchild with the tab. The scam wildly enriched Daines’ wealthy donors but provided little tax relief for ordinary Montanans. The 1% didn’t need the handout, nor did they “trickle it down” in capital reinvestment or increased wages. Instead, they took the windfalls Daines scored them by looting the Treasury, and they banked it. Sometimes, offshore. Or in stock buy-backs. […] Steve Daines is a hypocrite who says one thing and does the opposite. He’s no fiscal conservative; just a sell-out to those who line his pockets. Maybe that’s why he is too scared to face us, consistently avoiding Town Halls?”


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