What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines   

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 
Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines has spent his years in the Senate saying one thing to Montanans and doing another in Washington, DC. From failing to stand up for public lands until he’s facing a tough reelection and giving massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, to prioritizing party loyalty over people and siding nearly 95% of the time with Mitch McConnell, Daines has proven that he won’t stand up for Big Sky Country – and Montanans have noticed. 
Here’s what Montanans across the state have been saying: 
Missoulian: Daines “rubber-stamps attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act” 
Steve Daines votes against the interests of folks with pre-existing conditions. He rubber-stamps attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the law that bans insurance companies from jacking up rates for the 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions to heights we can’t afford.” 

Independent Record: Get rid of ‘junk’ insurance plans
But many Washington politicians — including our Sen. Steve Daines — have repeatedly voted against limiting junk plans. In fact, Daines’ votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act would have made junk insurance even more prevalent in Montana. We are behind Gov. Steve Bullock in November because he understands that Montanans need quality, affordable health care options. Let’s get rid of these junk plans once and for all and move toward a health care system that leaves no one behind.” 

Missoulian: Daines is “unwilling to stand up to the special interests”
“Daines’ votes told me several things about him. He sided with party leaders in voting for the repeal bill despite opposition from and devastating effects on Montanans. He was unwilling to stand up to the special interests who would’ve been the only ones to benefit from repeal of the ACA (yes, the same special interests now donating to his campaign). And he didn’t vote with everyday Montanans like my husband in mind. It’s time to replace Daines with a senator who has a proven record of fighting to protect my husband and the thousands of other Montanans with pre-existing conditions.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Daines’ recycled slogan shows he is out of touch
“Recently I’ve started to see Steve Daines signs popping up again with the slogan “More Jobs, Less Government.” Recycling this meaningless slogan from his last campaign shows how astonishingly out of touch Daines is with the crisis now facing Montana families. More jobs? Daines and his administration have now presided over the greatest loss of jobs since the Great Depression. Less government? Would that be less of the millions of dollars that Congress has allocated to help businesses and unemployed Montanans survive, and that kept our economy from collapsing?”

Havre Daily News: Daines a conservationist? Not so fast
“[Before] judging this as the labor of a public lands loving, conservationist senator, voters would be wise to look at Daines’ larger record. In June 2018, Daines voted in favor of a spending bill that axed funding for the LWCF, shortly after professing his support for the program in a press conference. A 2015 vote saw Sen. Daines in the “yes” column for a measure that actually prohibited reauthorization of the LWCF. Is it possible that the senator’s outspoken support for the GAOA and the LWCF has anything to do with Daines’ re-election campaign in a state where the vast majority of citizens favor wilderness, wildlife conservation and public lands?”

Missoula Current: Voices: Daines’ vote for LWCF “a blip on an abysmal public lands record”
“Speaking on the Senate floor on June 9 in support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), Sen. Steve Daines had this to say: “When I talk about public lands and protecting them and making sure we preserve that for future generations, this is not some kind of theoretical discussion. This is something I live and breathe personally. “ Montanans who have been tracking Daines’ public land record reacted to this speech in a way that calls to mind the comedy gag whereby someone takes a drink of water a moment before they hear or see something so ludicrous that they spit the water out in one explosive blast. […] [H]is support for LWCF is but a blip in an abysmal public lands record going back to when Daines was a congressman, a record that includes voting twice – on the same day no less – against reauthorizing LWCF.”

Missoula Current: Letters: Despite LWCF, Daines’ commitment to public lands heritage questionable
“I am not celebrating, however, Senator Steve Daines’ role in this process. Senator Daines came out on the right side of this story at the last possible moment. His long-term record leaves much to be desired. In 2015 he twice voted against reauthorizing LWCF. He has blocked the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act from receiving due process in the Senate three years running. His antipathy towards the Bob Marshall Wilderness also dates to 2015, when he cast the deciding vote to enable the sale, transfer, or exchange of lands in the Bob and other wilderness areas, refuges, forests, and conservation lands in the U.S.”
Helena Independent Record: Gianforte, Daines should weigh in on critical issues
“I don’t hear Gianforte or Daines weighing in on the critical issues of our times. Their silence would seem inexplicable but it’s not. It’s what prairie dogs do — hide in their bunkers, showing only their beady eyes to see which way the wind is blowing. To their supporters here, I would only ask you to demand that they come out of hiding rather than hang on to a presidential shirt-tail that is unraveling.”
Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Voters have good reasons to oust Daines, Gianforte
“Here are three strong reasons for not voting for Daines or Gianforte: 
1. Both have terrible lifetime conservation voting records of 6% and 5%, respectively (compared to Jon Tester’s 88 %.) We Montanans revere our natural heritage and public lands. 
2. Both were instrumental in exploding our nation’s deficits and debt by passing unnecessary huge tax cuts to billionaires and wealthy corporations at a time when the economy was doing just fine. We are now paying a heavy price for that stupid legislation with annual federal deficits heading for over $4 trillion.”
3. Both appear to represent Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump rather than Montanans.”

Helena Independent Record: Why do Daines and Gianforte defend Trump?
“What is happening to our country? Perhaps more to the point is this; what has happened to the Republican party I once supported? […] The overarching question for Montanans is this: Why have Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte continued to remain silent while Trump tears down all the norms and boundaries that have held our country together for over 200 years?” 

Billings Gazette: Letter to the editor: Daines shouldn’t be excited for Trump’s visit
“Sen. Steve Daines shouldn’t be so excited to have the president come to Montana to campaign for him as it reflects on his character as well. Does he want to be so closely associated with someone who: belittles women and fellow citizens, encourages violence against U.S. citizens, uses the military to attack peaceful protesters, disregards the rule of law and U.S. institutions, disregards science and experts, [and] lies continually. […] Daines’ silence on the president’s behavior condones his actions.”


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