What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines
Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines has spent his years in the Senate saying one thing to Montanans and doing another in Washington, DC. 
From failing to stand up for public lands until he’s facing a tough reelection, to giving massive tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, to voting to rip away Montanans’ health care and siding nearly 95% of the time with Mitch McConnell, Daines has shown that he won’t stand up and do what’s right for Big Sky Country – and Montanans have noticed. 
Here’s what Montanans across the state have been saying: 
Missoulian: Daines’ conservation conversion charade
“Montanans should not be fooled by Steve Daines. He voted to confirm the corporate lobbyists Trump put in to head our most important environmental regulatory agencies, essentially putting the extractive industry foxes in charge of the nation’s natural resource and environmental henhouse. Daines’ record on the environment speaks for itself — and undeniably proves Daines’ ‘conservation conversion’ is a charade.”
Billings Gazette: Daines has deceived the public
“Suddenly Sen. Steve Daines has decided that he really cares about Montana and Montanans. But the real question is where has this joker been for the past five years? Daines voted against funding for land conservation numerous times and even voted with Sen. Murkowski to sell public lands.”

Billings Gazette: Daines double crosses Montana
“Sen. Steve Daines constantly harps about protecting Montana from ‘big government.’ So, let’s consider what that means to double-cross Daines as he continues lying to Montanans…He continues to support William Pendley to run the largest public land management agency in the country, which is ironic since Pendley spent his career pushing to sell off all federal lands”
Missoulian: Senator Daines favors wealthy, votes against retirees
“[Daines] has one of the worst records in the U.S. Senate in votes for retirees. According to AgeDiscriminationInEmployment.com, he is one of 14 senators (all Republicans) who voted ’no’ on government discretionary spending. The ‘no’ votes would have affected programs that allow older Americans to remain independent in their homes, such as Meals on Wheels.”
Helena Independent Record: Montana wants a senator with a new perspective
“As a matter of fact, all of the Republican members, minus one, are in constant lockstep with the Majority Leader and the President on every issue that comes before them…What Montana is looking for is someone with a new perspective — and not another GOP rubber stamp.”
Billings Gazette: Don’t plan on trade agreements for farmers
“Hey, Sen. Daines. I saw your latest senate campaign ad bashing China and blaming its leaders for everything except America’s leaky plumbing. Anyone else wondering how well he will do with negotiating future trade agreements for Montana farmers with China? I wouldn’t plan on much happening.”
Missoulian: What is leadership to Senator Daines?
“While most Republican senators dodged questions on the president’s latest political stunt, Senator Daines made sure to say he ‘was grateful to see President Trump’s leadership.’ But, what leadership did he see?”


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