What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 

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Monday, October 26, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 
Helena, MT – Throughout his time in Washington D.C., Senator Steve Daines has only looked out for himself and his corporate backers – not Montanans. From taking credit for bills that passed “in spite of him” to lying about his record of gutting protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Daines has shown that he can’t be trusted – and Montanans have taken note.

Here’s what Montanans have been saying:

Billings Gazette: Daines lying about Yellowstone Gateway Act
“Sen. Steve Daines is back at it again with another ad designed to pull the wool over our eyes, and this time he’s lying about the Yellowstone Gateway Act. Daines is trying to take credit for the bill that Sen. Jon Tester introduced and championed back in 2017. Why did it take so long for a common-sense conservation bill to become law, you may ask? Because Daines withheld his support for this legislation for a year and a half, even though Montanans overwhelmingly supported the legislation.”

Billings Gazette: Daines won’t protect land
“Multimillionaire Sen. Steve Daines has shown time and again he is more interested in looking out for the interests of his corporate donors rather than the Montanans he represents. It couldn’t be more evident than in his votes regarding the protections of our public lands.”

Montana Standard: Daines’ record on public lands doesn’t withstand scrutiny
“More than anything, Senator Steve Daines wants you to believe that he’s been fighting for our public lands ever since he took office.  But if you look beyond the platitudes and manufactured talking points, it’s easy to see that his record doesn’t measure up to his rhetoric — far from it…In Daines’ five years in the Senate, he’s consistently refused to support collaborative and locally crafted legislation, and he’s worked against public lands bills behind the scenes, only supporting them when it became politically advantageous or when he had no other choice….Selling off public lands isn’t what we wanted in 2015, and it sure isn’t what we want now. Our public lands are the foundation of our economy and the bedrock on which we’ve built our outdoor way of life. If Senator Daines hasn’t learned that by now, he never will.”

Missoulian: Daines won’t stand up for Montanans with pre-existing conditions
“At every turn, Daines tried to deflect and mislead viewers about his record of failing to protect people with pre-existing conditions. When asked what he thinks about the lawsuit to overturn the ACA that will be before the Supreme Court one week after the election, Daines tried to downplay those very valid concerns, saying “it wouldn’t be a problem…Daines has made it more than clear that he won’t stand up for Montanans with pre-existing conditions — just recently he cast another vote where he refused to condemn the very real threat this lawsuit poses.

Flathead Beacon: Health Care is Important
“Steve Daines voted consistently against the ACA, which was a vote to deny health care at affordable prices to thousands of Montanans. Daines voted to deny health care at affordable prices to Montanans with pre-existing conditions. He voted against Medicaid expansion that supports thousands of Montanans and supports our rural hospitals facing severe financial circumstances.”

Flathead Beacon: Who Protects Our Values?
“Sen. Steve Daines speaks of defending Montana values. If your values include selling public lands to developers, Daines is for you. His political TV ad proclaims: “Daines will protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions.” Not only false, this is an outright lie. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act numerous times without replacement. Losing the ACA would affect 20 million people including 420,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions and would remove health insurance from 80,000 constituents with Medicaid expansion coverage. If you have perfect health and megabucks to pay for medical expenses, Daines is for you.”

Billings Gazette: Daines should reject Judge Barrett
“Senator Steve Daines is running ads declaring his support of health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Since he has voted to abolish the ACA (Obamacare) and weaken the pre-existing condition coverage in the bill, those ads strain credulity.”

Missoulian: Will we hold Steve Daines to account? 
“I am writing today to urge you to vote for the Governor, and send Senator Daines packing. Here’s why. Daines has long portrayed himself as what most Montanans want: reasonable, fair, a problem solver. But his actions and words, now illuminated by the rush to confirm Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court, have shattered that illusion.”

Char-Koosta News: Will we hold Steve Daines to account?
“Daines has long portrayed himself as what most Montanans want: reasonable, fair, a problem solver. But his actions and words, now illuminated by the rush to confirm Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court, have shattered that illusion…Daines did recently join Sen. Tester in supporting the Great Outdoors Act. Unfortunately, that’s far outweighed by Daines’s support for more than 100 policy and regulatory changes that will leave future generations with dirtier air, dirtier water, and a poorer environment, including gutting the Clear Water Act, weakening restrictions on toxic air pollutants including mercury, hamstringing the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act, allowing coal corporations to dump waste into streams, and dismantling the international effort to address the climate crisis.”

Billings Gazette: We can’t afford Daines
“Montana and the United States cannot afford Steve Daines. Sen. Daines is not a fiscal conservative. Daines supported President Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and the rich. Under Trump and Daines, the national deficit has increased by $6.6 trillion to nearly $27 trillion. The deficit equals roughly $81,107 for every American.”

Missoulian: Daines doesn’t care about us
“Senator Steve Daines is a Republican, and you would think that he believes in property rights, but not so much it seems. When Daines was asked a question about Montana farmers and ranchers’ right to repair their own farming equipment at a town hall hosted by the Montana Farmers Union, he said he “was not familiar with the issues,” and he would “have his staff look into it.”

Missoulian: Why does Daines seek re-election?
“Why does U.S. Sen. Steve Daines want to be re-elected? What policies does he stand for? He wanted a balanced budget when he first ran in 2014, but instead voted to give himself, Greg Gianforte and other wealthy people a tax cut in 2017 (while my taxes went up)…Daines’ actions have betrayed his words, repeatedly, and he appears to have no policies or positions that he will actually defend. He swore to uphold the Constitution, and instead has supported a president who has repeatedly subverted it.”

Montana Standard: Can we trust them? 
“Steve Daines, Greg Gianforte, and Matt Rosendale would all probably say they favor keeping public lands in public hands, no question. But make no mistake, they are on record for supporting Public Land transfer…“The Montana Legislature has no actual authority in transferring federal lands to the state. It would take an act of Congress, and signed by the president. Can we trust what Steve Daines, Greg Gianforte, Matt Rosendale, and Donald Trump have been forced into saying about supporting public lands?”

Missoulian: Don’t ignore science 
Now I have to comment on U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, the fifth-generation liar. It takes four generations of liars to create one this big. He’s almost as big a liar as Donald Trump. Fifth-generation Montanans and endorsed by AARP, both giant lies. I would like to tell U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte that “The Flintstones” was not a documentary.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Sen. Daines missed chance to earn Montanans’ respect
“Steve Daines, you are intelligent and likable, but by choosing to pander to party politics you surrendered the privilege to represent Montana. Montanans deserve a senator with the gizzard to reflect Montana values.”

Missoulian: Daines is hypocritical
“In Steve Daines’ recent campaign ads, he and his spokesmen decry “the liberal mob”, who is supposedly responsible for recent rioting, looting and property destruction. Daines and his minions don’t differentiate between the lawless individuals who regularly infiltrate many legitimate public protests and then commit these acts. Daines and his supporters simply equate these bad elements with anyone who disagrees with them, including legitimate Black Lives Matter protesters, progressive and Democratic political figures, mothers and families, retired persons, veterans and anyone else Daines needs to trample in his frantic campaign.”

Missoulian: Daines and Gianforte should have stood up to Trump
“Maybe Steve Daines’ and Greg Gianforte’s credibility and likability would be improved if they had stood up to President Trump just a couple of times. If only they had demonstrated the courage and morals of Senator Mitt Romney and voted to impeach Trump for abuse of power. If only they had not remained silent or defended Trump when he and his administration separated children, including infants, from their parents at the border and kept them in cages. To this day many children still have not been reunited with their families and likely never will be. Vote for Steve Bullock and Mike Cooney. And while you’re at it, vote for Kathleen Williams instead of Matt Rosendale, another Trump lapdog.”

Missoulian: Corporate money fouls our political process
“Senator Daines turns out to be one of the largest recipients of money from the fossil fuel industry. In the 2020 election cycle, Daines has the 3rd-highest donations from the coal industry and the 4th-biggest take from oil and gas companies. All told, Daines has gotten just shy of $1 million from these industries.And it shows: Daines has repeatedly voted to weaken environmental laws, allowing mining waste to be dumped into streams, and voting to allow increased methane pollution from oil and gas extraction on our public and tribal lands. Rules to protect the public are labeled by Daines as “extreme environmentalism,” but is wanting clean air and water really an extreme view? Or is that the fossil fuel money talking? ”

Missoulian: Vote for people mostly like us 
“The median income in Montana in 2018 was $52,559; the per capita income was $29,765. This is important when we vote. Several of the Republican candidates are multimillionaires. Steve Daines has a net worth of around $7 million; Greg Gianforte, $189 million; Matt Rosendale, between $10 million-$50 million; Troy Downing, unknown, but a California businessman who is also a multimillionaire. Three of these men moved here from out of state.”

Flathead Beacon: Vote the Republicans Out of Office
“When what’s left of our democracy falls completely apart, we can fault Sen. Steve Daines, along with many of his fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate. They have been enablers, helping President Donald Trump disparage the rule of law, stoking our country with hate and division, and spilling the blood of our once healthy society’s very sense of being. Had all the members of Congress taken seriously their vows to protect the United States Constitution we would not be in the disassembled state that currently exists. Donald Trump has exercised his willingness to destroy with the aid of Daines, Mitch McConnell and other enablers.”

Missoulian: What is being done to protect America? 
“…Donald Trump, Steve Daines, Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale cheer the armed militias on with commercials filled with lies, fear and hate. Their words may light the fuse that starts something terrible. If they start, or support the violence, have they considered how far it could go? Do they wish to be remembered as the corrupt politicians who brought about the end of America? Do you want your children and grandchildren going into a civil war?”


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