What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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What Montanans Are Saying About Dishonest Daines 

Helena, MT – Throughout Senator Steve Daines’ time in the Senate, he has made promises to Montanans only to turn his back on them in Washington D.C. From flip-flopping on filling a Supreme Court vacancy during an election year to paying lip service to those with pre-existing conditions then voting to gut their protections, Daines has shown he is a man without principle. Instead, he’s busy looking out for himself and his corporate backers – and Montanans have taken note. 
Here’s what Montanans have been saying:Missoulian: Daines misled us 
“In a campaign ad, our junior Senator, Steve Daines, unjustifiably takes credit for passing the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act. His claim is not true…Far from leading the fight for the bipartisan coalition of Montanans, Senator Daines ignored and misled us, threw up roadblocks and delayed the legislation, and only at the LAST hour when its passage was inevitable, did he jump on board as a co-sponsor with our true champion, senior Senator Jon Tester. For him to now take credit for the passage of the YGPA is misleading at best and untruthful at its core. We deserve better, This election, I’ll be voting for the truth and it won’t be for Senator Daines.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Daines trying to rewrite history, won’t keep word
“On public lands, health care, education and many other issues Daines has continued his ugly habit of saying one thing to Montanans then voting the opposite. Health care is the perfect example, saying he favors good health care for Montanans while voting to take away health care provisions we already have. He’s tries to have it both ways. Montanans don’t like people who break their word or people who are afraid to take a stand on important issues. If you try to believe in everything you essentially believe in nothing.”

Flathead Beacon: Bullock Clear Choice for Senate
“[Daines] has proven he will not stand up for Montana seniors. He voted to slash funding for Medicare and raised the retirement age so workers will work longer before they receive the Medicare benefits they earned. Steve Daines also continues to support overturning the ACA, which provides affordable health care coverage to thousands of Montanans.”

Sidney Herald: Critical of Senator Daines
“In Sen. Steve Daines latest political ad he states with a straight face, that “I’m taking on China.” Meanwhile he continues to support various aspects of the Keystone pipeline (Senate Bill-1). He must think we have no collective memory with his disregard for our rivers and major aquifers by voting to exempt the XL pipeline from paying into the Oil Spill Trust Fund.”

Missoulian: Gianforte, Daines should retire
U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte and U.S. Sen. Steve Daines made a lot of money selling their business. Then they turned to politics, where they didn’t have to speak with ordinary people, just buy TV ads. […] Daines has been China’s most reliable senator, until he recently decided that wasn’t good politics.”

Missoulian: Daines’ words don’t match his actions 
“Daines did nothing to stop Washington, DC bureaucrats cutting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that supports Montanans who just got jobs, and get much-needed paychecks. Soon these families drop the supplemental food assistance; their families are fed from hard-earned pay. Independent studies conclude the Program reduces costs, and helps Montanans including Veterans.”

Missoulian: Healthcare is important
“Steve Daines voted consistently against the ACA, which was a vote to deny healthcare at affordable prices to thousands of Montanans. Daines voted to deny healthcare at affordable prices to Montanans with pre-existing conditions. He voted against Medicaid expansion that supports thousands of Montanans and supports our rural hospitals facing severe financial circumstances…Daines supports a lawsuit before the Supreme Court that would invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act. Daines supports confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee before the election, which is an additional vote against improved healthcare through the ACA when the court hears the lawsuit (to invalidate the ACA) on Nov. 10.”

Missoulian: Time to re-examine Daines’ role in hate
“In 2016, our U.S. Sen. Steve Daines chose as an elector from Montana Dennis Scranton, whose belief, proudly and forcefully stated, was that all gay people should be taken out and hanged. I think Daines’ actions in supporting this person at that time were and are demonstrative of the kind of vicious, discriminatory ideas that undermine Montana. It is a good time now for us to re-examine whether Steve Daines is, in fact, a person who can lead Montana into a better time, who will act for all Montanans, no matter their sexual orientation, gender or race…Hatred should have no place in Montana; we need leaders with integrity, kindness and vision to help us step away from petty-mindedness, not to make it worse.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Is Daines a man of principle or a man of politics?
“Is Sen. Steve Daines a man of principle or a man of politics? On March 16, 2016, Sen. Daines stated, “The U.S. Senate should exercise its constitutional powers by not confirming a new Supreme Court justice until the American people elect a new president and have their voices heard.” Now, less than 30 days to a presidential election, there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Will Sen. Daines honor his words from 2016 or will he bow to the pressures of the Republican Party? Will he chose principle? Or politics?”


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