In Weak #MTSen Debate Performance, Rosendale Shows He Doesn’t Share Montana Values


Missoula – Tonight, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale actually appeared at a public debate with Senator Jon Tester after bailing on the last one.

At least, he was on stage.

Rosendale was out-of-control most of the debate, and had a terrible performance in his first head-to-head against Senator Jon Tester.

Rosendale publicly confirmed what we knew all along: he’ll continue to mislead Montanans about his record of opposing our public lands, veterans, and health care.

Rosendale tried to claim that he protects our public lands, but his record is crystal clear — he pushed repeatedly to transfer them and during his short time on the Land Board, he’s managed to obstruct easements to ensure permanent public hunting access on 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana and protect about 8,000 acres of hunting land from encroaching development.

He also continued to dodge questions about his record of voting against veterans — like his votes against funding the Southwest Montana Veterans Home, against funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home, against a home loan program for Gold Star families, and against scholarships for Montana Purple Heart veterans.

And while Rosendale said he will always protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions, he has repeatedly pushed for policies that fail to protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions — all while rubber-stamping health care premium hikes as insurance commissioner.

Rosendale, who is endorsed by Citizens United, the group responsible for unlimited dark money spending in politics, spouted off talking points about dark money, but those claims rang hollow since Rosendale voted against the Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups — like his backers — to disclose their campaign expenditures and donors.

“Tonight’s debate showed us an East Coast developer who is out for himself, ” said Brooke Bainum, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “Matt Rosendale couldn’t stop misleading Montanans about his real record on health care, public lands, veterans, and dark money. Montanans can’t trust Matt Rosendale to keep his word and they certainly can’t trust him to look out for them in the U.S. Senate.”


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