We have questions for the Gov.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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We have questions for the Gov.

On the next leg of Gianforte’s exclusive and nontransparent statewide tour, will the Governor finally answer Montanans’ questions?

Helena, MT – Governor Gianforte is heading to the Hi-line for the next three days. If the next leg is anything like the previous stops along his 56-county tour, he won’t make stops open to the public or take many questions from the press. 

If, miraculously, the Governor decides to let the public into his public service, we know Montanans would appreciate the opportunity to ask him a few questions:  

  • Why do you keep taking credit for funding that you fought? Montanans know that the millions in American Rescue Plan funding that is coming into the state is because of the Democrats and Senator Tester. You fought it every step of the way, just recently calling it “reckless spending.” What do you have to say to Montanans who are tired of your hypocritical politics?
  • Why are you rejecting $36.6 million for hungry children? Some food banks in cities across Montana are facing record demand. What is the reason to target children, who are particularly at risk of food insecurity during the summer?
  • Why are you fighting Montanans’ constitutionally-protected Right to Know what is going on in their government? Do you think you are somehow above the law?

“Gianforte has kept the public and the press out of his policy making for too long,” says Sheila Hogan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Why does he refuse to answer simple questions from his constituents? Is it because he knows he’s letting Montanans down?” 


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