WATCH: Cooney Slams Gianforte Over Support for Defunding Public Education

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

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WATCH: Cooney Slams Gianforte Over Support for Defunding Public Education
Montana’s Largest Teachers Union Calls “Bull” on Gianforte’s Anti-Public Education Record
Helena, MT – In an interview with MTN News, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney laid out his vision for “maintaining and improving” Montana’s public education system, which he called, “the backbone of our economy” and a “top priority” for his administration.  

Cooney also slammed his opponent – New Jersey millionaire and private school benefactor Greg Gianforte – over his support for “stealing money… from public education and mov[ing] it over to private education.”

Greg Gianforte has called public schools a “monopoly,” and he’s donated more than $12 million to Petra Academy, a private school in Bozeman that discriminates against students with disabilities. Gianforte also praised and filed a brief in support of the Espinoza v. Montana decision, widely considered to be a victory for school privatization advocates (bankrolled by Gianforte).

Despite Gianforte’s attempts to erase his atrocious record on public education, Montana’s largest teacher’s union – which took the unprecedented step of unanimously condemning Gianforte’s candidacy – is calling “bull” on Gianforte’s attempts to “hide from his shameful record.” 

“After spending years trying to dismantle Montana’s public education system, Greg Gianforte is lying to Montanans about his record – again,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “Montana’s public school students and educators simply can’t trust Greg Gianforte.” 


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