Troy Downing Still Silent on Chilling Report

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Monday, October 19, 2020

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Troy Downing Still Silent on Chilling Report
Helena, MT – Troy Downing has yet to comment on new reporting revealing a damning account of his misogyny, threats towards his ex-wife, and attempts to shirk his child support obligations. The article details disturbing comments made by Downing, including a threat to kill his ex-wife with their children present, as well as Downing’s attempts to avoid paying child support while living in his $2 million San Diego mansion.

These damning revelations come after Downing has repeatedly professed support for eliminating Montana’s gender neutral protections in insurance, and shows no signs of changing his support for ripping away healthcare from people with preexisting conditions with no replacement or alternative plan in place.

They also add to an extensive record of skirting Montana law over the course of his brief time in the state. Downing has received criticism for his California residency and his guilty plea in acquiring in-state resident hunting licenses without in-state residency. Downing’s campaign has been plagued by campaign fairness violations — a pattern of disregard and illegality that definitively shows that Montanans cannot trust Troy Downing.


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