Troy Downing Has a Date with Lady Justice Tomorrow


Helena – In an exclusive Valentine’s Day date tomorrow, Californian Troy Downing will meet up with Lady Justice at the Gallatin County Justice Court.

A judge and the attorneys may be the only others present at this intimate venue, and things are bound to get awkward.

While Downing may claim the two were brought together by the Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Deep State,” the two are actually getting together because of the seven misdemeanor charges Downing is facing for illegally purchasing or applying for resident hunting and fishing licenses as a non-resident. He has additional citations for unlawfully transferring a license and helping another unqualified non-resident obtain a license illegally.

In what can only be described as the beginnings of a tumultuous relationship, Downing hasn’t actually appeared at any previous court dates with Lady Justice – leaving her to hope that this time he doesn’t stand her up on this special occasion.

Downing has certainly given her reason to doubt that he’ll show. After all, he’s not always around Montana. Downing has often been seen out-of-state, he claimed tax breaks on his primary home in Southern California as recently as last year, and the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) began investigating Downing for breaking hunting laws and found his personal blog, which “suggested Troy Downing’s time in Montana is seasonal at best.”

Will Troy Downing make it to his date with Lady Justice? Tune in tomorrow.


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