Top Four Questions Rosendale Needs to Answer at Tomorrow’s #MTSen Debate


Helena – Two weeks ago at the first Montana Senate general election debate that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale actually showed up to, Rosendale avoided giving any real answers to most of the questions he was asked, leaving Montanans wondering what — if anything — he has to offer.

Here are four questions that will be top of mind for Montana voters as they watchtomorrow’s debate:

  1. What would Rosendale specifically do to “always” protect folks with pre-existing conditions? Rosendale has been “vague” and failed to give any specifics on how he’ll protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions. More telling, perhaps, are Rosendale’s actions as insurance commissioner: he has pushed for the expansion of short-term plans and brought back Medi-Share, neither of which are required to cover pre-existing conditions. And, he refused to say whether or not he supports the lawsuit that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions.
  2. Why won’t Rosendale disavow the Montana Republican Party’s Platform, which calls for the transfer of federal public landsAfter pushing repeatedly for the transfer of public lands in his failed 2014 Congressional campaign and consistently supporting measures that could make it easier to sell them off, Rosendale has recently claimed to be against the transfer of federal public lands. If Rosendale truly supported our public lands, you’d think he would be eager to speak out against his party’s anti-public lands position.
  3. How does Rosendale explain his record of voting against Montana’s veterans? Rosendale — who dismissed Sen. Tester’s landmark legislation to improve care for Montana veterans and secure resources for first responders as“little stuff” — voted against funding the Southwest Montana Veterans Home in Butte, against restoring funding for the Columbia Falls Veterans Home, against creating a home loan program for Gold Star families, and against creating a scholarship program for Montana Purple Heart veterans.
  4. Why did Rosendale vote against the bipartisan Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures? Rosendale claimed that he supports transparency in campaign finance but his past votes against transparency, his praise of theCitizens United decision, and his endorsement from Citizens United show the opposite is true.

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