Top 5 Questions Rosendale Refused to Address About His (Lack Of) Ranching Credentials


Helena – Yesterday, Montanans found out that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has been misleading them about yet another thing. A new report found that Rosendale is “all hat, no cattle,” and is not really as much of a rancher as he likes to claim. According to public records, Rosendale—who constantly touts his “rancher” credentials—has never actually owned any cattle, and his “ranch” is just a piece of property he leases out but has never ranched himself.

Rosendale has consistently made his being a rancher a cornerstone of his campaign, claiming incessantly to be a rancher in op-eds, campaign stump speeches, political ads, his press releases, on his campaign website, and his social media accounts.

The news that Rosendale is not really a rancher has raised plenty of questions—but Rosendale has refused to give any answers and instead chosen to keep misleading Montanans.

Here are the top 5 questions Rosendale needs to answer:

  1. Why is Rosendale refusing to answer if he’s really a rancher? If Rosendale truly had nothing to hide, he’d surely respond and explain himself. Instead, his campaign responded to a reporter with a petty statement that avoided the facts.
  2. Whose property—and whose cattle—are featured in Rosendale’s political campaign ad? One of Rosendale’s most recent campaign ads features him wearing a barn jacket in front of a red barn, a fence, and—of course!—cattle. We know Rosendale isn’t really a rancher, so whose barn and cattle are they?
  3. Why did Rosendale only start describing himself as a rancher in official campaign paperwork in recent years? Until 2016, Rosendale described himself as a “real estate developer” in campaign paperwork. In 2016, that changed to “ranching and real estate development.” Hmm…
  4. Given that Rosendale has never owned any cattle, whose cows did Rosendale claim to have “PG’d” in past campaign speeches? “PG” as Rosendale likes to use it, seems to be a term used to describe giving cows the hormone prostaglandin for breeding purposes, and is something Rosendale claims to have done in campaign speeches. Since he has never apparently owned any cattle, whose cows did Rosendale “PG”?
  5. And most importantly, what else is Rosendale misleading  Montanans about? After Rosendale’s extensive history of misleading Montana voters—Rosendale has misled Montanans about his public lands record, misled Montanans about his role in health care rate hikes, earned two Pants on Fire ratings for making “absurd” claims with “no basis” about Jon Tester’s record, and now this—it’s unclear how Montanans can trust anything he says.


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