To Mark Tax Day, 10 Ways Greg Gianforte Could Spend $184 Million

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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To Mark Tax Day, 10 Ways Greg Gianforte Could Spend $184 Million

Helena, MT – After selling a business praised for “taking the concept of outsourcing to new levels,” and making hundreds of thousands of dollars from pandemic related investments, Greg Gianforte recently revealed that he’s amassed a whopping $184 million in income over the last 10 years – about 3,500 times as much as the average Montana family earns annually. Instead of using his enormous wealth to bankroll far-right organizations and his own political ambitions, we’ve listed some other options for Greg to consider. 

With $184 million, Greg Gianforte could:

1. Give every Montanan a $100 bill – and still have $84 million left over.

2. Spend another $11 million running for office, and then run another 45 times.

3. Gianforte owns an $8.7 million private jet – he could buy 21 more.

4. Buy 1,862,348 head of live cattle, almost every single cow in the state of Montana.

5. Eat 32,915,921 pasties from Mike Cooney’s favorite restaurant in Butte.

6. Fly back to his hometown of Newark, New Jersey every day for the next 2,016 years.

7. Drink more than 20 million 6-packs of Madison River Salmon Fly Honey Rye Beer from Madison River Brewing Company in Belgrade.

8. Purchase 5,935,483 Montana fishing licenses -– enough for every single Montanan – plus all of Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

9. Cover the cost of an all-day pass for the over 3 million tourists that visit Glacier National Park every year.

10. Since the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale was canceled this year, Gianforte could nearly buy every Montanan an all-weekend pass for 2021, 2022, and 2023. 

“Greg Gianforte could have used his extraordinary wealth for lots of things, but he instead chooses to spend his millions propping up far-right groups and supporting his own political ambitions,” said MDP Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “What’s worse is that his so-called success is on the backs of a company that outsourced jobs and he spent the last 6 months investing that fortune into pandemic related industries. Montana deserves a Governor who has Montanans’ best interests at heart, not his own.”


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