Three Key Things to Watch For in Tonight’s #MTSEN GOP Debate


Helena – Now that the Republican candidates have finally started throwing punches, the #MTSEN GOP primary has gone from downright sleepy to salacious. Tonight’s debate, featuring a Maryland liar, a Californian, and an ethically challenged judge as frontrunners, should be revealing. Here are three questions to consider tonight as we watch the four candidates attempt to separate themselves from the pack:

  1. Will Rosendale continue to mislead Montanans about his residency? Matt Rosendale signed two standalone forms – under penalty of perjury – that he was a resident of Maryland in 2015 when selling his Maryland property. The sole and explicit purpose of the document Rosendale signed under penalty of perjury is to receive a tax break for being a Maryland resident when selling his property in that state.
  2. Will Fagg continue his attacks on Rosendale? The gloves came off at a #MTSEN candidate forum earlier this week, and Russell Fagg didn’t hold back. Fagg criticized Rosendale for his out-of-state backing and for using a state slush fund to campaign around the state on taxpayer time. Even Troy Downing managed to get in a dig, blasting Rosendale for being a “career politician.”
  3. Will Fagg address his support for a 4% sales tax? As state representative, Russell Fagg campaigned on a 4% statewide sales tax in Montana. Ultimately, he was the deciding vote to put the sales tax on the ballot – which Montana voters soundly rejected by a 3-1 margin. Several weeks ago, Fagg supported an online sales tax in a radio appearance on Voices of Montana.


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