This 4th of July Weekend, Austin Knudsen Continues to Lock Out Local Veterans From Their Own Park

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

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This 4th of July Weekend, Austin Knudsen Continues to Lock Out Local Veterans From Their Own Park

Helena, MT – As Montanans head out for the 4th of July weekend to honor our nation and remember those who served, Austin Knudsen continues to block access for veterans to enjoy their own veterans park, located along the Missouri River southwest of Culbertson. Knudsen and his family bought the property around the park and gated it off, effectively stealing the property from the American Legion Post of Culbertson. 

This comes as no surprise to those who followed Knudsen’s anti-access career in the Montana Legislature. Fortunately for Knudsen, he killed a bill that would have increased fines for landowners who block access to public roads, a giveaway to landowners like him who use their power to block access. He’s also voted to restrict access to public streams, and voted to defund Habitat Montana — a program that’s been a major success for continued wildlife conservation, and helped expand thousands of acres for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Knudsen has also loudly advocated for the transfer of federal public lands, an extremist position which could lead to their sale to corporate interests. 

Knudsen’s personal conduct blocking access to the veterans’ park is so egregious, even Republicans warned against nominating him to run for Attorney General. As attorney general, Knudsen would undoubtedly continue his anti-access crusade, allowing wealthy out-of-state landowners to block public roads and steal Montana’s cherished public lands.

“As Montanans head out this weekend to enjoy our public lands, just remember that Austin Knudsen has no problem locking veterans out of their own memorial park,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Happy 4th of July, Montana!”


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