Tensions Escalate Between Trump and One of Rosendale’s Largest Backers


Helena – Just days after disgraced former White House advisor and Matt Rosendale endorser Steve Bannon threatened candidates propped up by Koch-funded organizations – like Matt Rosendale – the Republican National Committee sent a memo urging Republican donors and candidates alike to avoid working with the Koch network.

The RNC’s memo upped the drama for Rosendale, framing support from the Kochs as a betrayal of President Trump and the Republican Party.

That puts Rosendale – who is endorsed by the Koch-backed Club for Growth and has a perfect score from a Koch brothers group – in a tough position.

Rosendale’s campaign has also been propped up by the Koch-backed Club for Growth, which threw more than $1 million into the primary to prop up Rosendale and attack his opponents. The Koch brothers group Americans for Prosperity is also very active in Montana.

But with the president, Bannon, and national Republicans all taking a hardline against the Koch network, which side will Rosendale choose?


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