Ted Cruz Team Leader Matt Rosendale Tries to Forget He Didn’t Support Trump


Helena – Today, Montana’s insurance commissioner is campaigning during the work week again instead of doing his job. Matt Rosendale’s not in DC this time, but actually in our state to cozy up to President Trump.

But Rosendale wasn’t always such a fan of the president. Rosendale backed Ted Cruz in the 2016 primary and was even part of the “Montana Cruz Leadership Team” a few days after Cruz hurled insults at Trump.

Rosendale refused multiple times to answer questions about his lack of support for the president during the 2016 primary, and must be eager to forget that he chose Cruz over Trump, particularly since Trump has called out people like Rosendale for hopping on the bandwagon.

Rosendale’s past undermines his desperate attempts to link himself to whatever out-of-stater he thinks can help his flimsy campaign.


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