#TBT to Rosendale Being Called Out for Playing Political Games with Montanans’ Health Care Costs


Helena – It’s bad enough that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale rubber stamped rate hikes of up to 23 percent, which he found “reasonable.” But then he contradicted himself about what he told insurers out of the public eye about raising rates if cost-sharing payments were eliminated.

Last year, Rosendale publicly criticized health insurers for requesting rate hikes after cost-sharing reductions were pulled, even though earlier in the year he told insurers he would work with them to “ensure rates are modified” if the payments were ended and insurers told him they would need to raise their rates.

The president of Montana Health Co-Op said that Rosendale’s claim that insurers told him they could maintain their original rates even if cost-sharing payments were eliminated was “not exactly true.”

A University of Montana health economist said Rosendale’s actions and statements “completely contradictory” and called them a “political game.”

Instead of looking out for Montanans, Rosendale misled them about the rate review process that jacked up health care costs, and has time and again pushed policies that would increase costs for Montana consumers and rip away coverage from millions of Americans.


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