Steve Daines: Friend to the Kochs, Not Hardworking Montanans 

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Steve Daines: Friend to the Kochs, Not Hardworking Montanans 
Helena, MT – During Steve Daines’ time in Washington, he’s made it a top priority to cozy up to his big-money backers, including those in the infamous Koch Network who have served as loyal contributors to his campaigns and with whom he’s rubbed elbows at exclusive Koch gatherings.

The Koch Network also has funded efforts pushing to hand federal public lands over to the states, which could serve as the first step towards privatization. Daines himself voted for a measure criticized by sportsmen and conservationists as “a first step to federal land transfer or sale.” 

Daines’ record reflects these out of touch priorities. He has voted to give massive tax breaks to the wealthy, while fighting to undermine affordable health care at every turn. During the coronavirus pandemic, Daines pushed for a corporate slush fund and slipped a huge tax giveaway for the wealthy into a relief package while voting against expanded unemployment insurance benefits and paid leave. 

“Instead of doing what’s best for Montanans, Steve Daines has spent his time in the Senate pushing the agenda of his ultra-wealthy donors,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Montanans know Daines isn’t fighting for them, and they’re going to fire him come November.” 


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