Out-of-State Super PACs Proud of Buying Rosendale’s Primary Win


Helena – It must be making Matt Rosendale feel a little insecure to know that the only reason he made it through a GOP primary filled with second-tier candidates was because of massive spending from out-of-state super PACs and special interest groups.

That’s even according to the outsiders themselves, who are depending on Rosendale to return the favor if they successfully buy him a seat.

Though his preferred candidates have lost in some other primaries around the country, Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, has “notched a few victories” by helping to bankroll the pro-Rosendale Restoration PAC, which bragged about helping drag Rosendale across the finish line in his primary, saying, “We’re proud of our win in the…Montana primaries this cycle…”

The Koch-backed Club for Growth also “notche[d] another win” by helping drag Rosendale across the finish line in the primary. The out-of-state special interest group helped Rosendale “[score] a hard-fought victory” by pouring nearly $2 million into Montana during the primary to prop up Rosendale’s campaign.

Protect Freedom PAC – funded by out-of-state megadonors, including a Philadelphia billionaire known as a political “sugar daddy” for funneling millions of dollars into super PACs – congratulated Rosendale on winning the primary, but it really should’ve congratulated itself. The PAC chose Rosendale because they want him to do its bidding.

Rosendale has touted his endorsements from non-Montanans, but the out-of-state millionaires and billionaires backing him and funding pro-Rosendale groups are not accountable to Montanans. They’re spending big because they know Rosendale will back their agendas instead of what’s best for Montana. He’s even tried to thwart campaign finance legislation that became law requiring dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures.

Based on Rosendale’s actions, it seems as though he wouldn’t mind returning to the days of the Copper Kings when rich outsiders could buy an election for themselves and their buddies. But Montanans established long ago, those aren’t our values – and it’s glaringly obvious Rosendale doesn’t share those values.


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