State of the #MTSEN Republican Field’s Relationship With Trump: Complicated

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Helena – As President Trump gets ready to deliver his first State of the Union, we tried to piece together just where the Montana GOP Senate candidates stand with Trump. Pretty much the only thing that’s clear is that they are tripping over themselves trying to out-Trump each other. But, other than that, it’s a little confusing.

While wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale previously touted Trump nemesis Steve Bannon’s endorsement of him proudly, he now seems ashamed of Bannon’s endorsement, but not quite enough to totally say goodbye to the money that will come along with the endorsement. And, in a break from Bannon, Maryland Matt said he would back Mitch McConnell.

Meanwhile, California millionaire Troy Downing made headlines for being “an outspoken critic of President Trump” during the 2016 election. Yet now, he’s changed his tune and seemingly has the full backing of Trump cabinet member Ryan Zinke – a friend – and Zinke’s wife Lola serves as Downing’s campaign chair. Downing also found himself meeting with the Trump White House just this week and has cozied up to Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

And even Al Olszewski went to Washington early on to try to endear himself to the Trump administration.

And then, of course, there is sad Russell Fagg, who is simply trying keep up with the rest. We’re just not really sure how, exactly.


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