Spotlighting Matt Rosendale’s Out-of-State Backers


Helena – This week, we’ll be highlighting the out-of-state billionaires whom—in the absence of any significant in-state support—East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has had to depend on, and his record of making it easier for special interest dark money groups to deceive Montanans.

Citizens United, the dark money group that is a reason why corporations and other dark money groups can spend unlimited amounts of money on elections, endorsed Rosendale last year during the primary. And for good reason: Rosendale has praised the disastrous Citizens United decision and has voted repeatedly to make it easier for anonymous outsiders to spend unlimited sums to buy Montana’s elections.

Rosendale voted against the Montana Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures; and he voted against the bipartisan TRACE Act (Transparency, Reporting and Accountability in Campaigns and Elections Act), which would have increased transparency in election spending and required dark money groups to disclose their donors.

While Montanans have made it clear they don’t want outsiders and dark money groups trying to our buy elections, Rosendale has consistently opposed transparency in election spending, going against an important Montana value, and embracing out-of-state dark money to prop up his campaign.


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