Small Business Owners Examine Regulatory Roadblocks Alongside Montana Democratic Leadership


Small Business Owners Examine Regulatory Roadblocks Alongside Montana Democratic Leadership

Residents discuss opportunities for development and the realities of conducting operations in the changing state

Helena, MT — The Montana Democratic Party held a roundtable conversation on Tuesday, meeting with local leadership and entrepreneurs to discuss current standards and regulations impacting small business owners in the state.

In attendance were Democratic members of the Montana House of Representatives, Mary Ann Dunwell and Donavon Hawk, Madison County Advisory Board member Cindy Gockel, MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey, and MDP Chair and former legislator, Robyn Driscoll.

The panel joined local officials and entrepreneurs, including business owners representing the ranching, real estate, construction, and food service industries in Montana. The event was held at the Shovel and Spoon restaurant in Sheridan, MT.



The roundtable format offered attendees the opportunity to openly discuss their goals and concerns with the panel, and to collaborate on potential solutions.

“The economy of Montana is reaching a tipping point,” said Sandi Luckey, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “More residents are moving into our state, overextending the assistance that small businesses and service industries are equipped to provide. Demand has far outpaced supply in almost every sector, including housing, healthcare, and other basic needs. Collaboration between hardworking citizens and their representatives in government is the ultimate solution to solving these pressing problems.”

“Small business owners are the most equipped to show us the realities of operating in our state,” said Robyn Driscoll, Chair of the Montana Democratic Party. “These are the employers who maintain our labor force, connect our communities, and stimulate our economy. Including these constituents in regulatory decision-making is a real way to move toward a society built for all. One where there is a quality education for every child, a skilled workforce to meet local needs, and an affordable place to call home.”


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