Since Start of #MTSen General Election, Rosendale Avoids Montanans, Campaigns in DC Instead of Working, and Holds Zero Public Events


Rosendale has spent one-third of his general election campaign cozying up to Washington elite to raise cash

Helena – Tick, tock: It’s now been nine days since the start of the general election in Montana, and wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale still hasn’t held any public events.

He has however, found time to fly to Washington, DC for his campaign to meet with Washington elites and hold at least two fundraisers—for three days in the middle of a work week, no less.

After Rosendale bailed on Montanans by backing out of a debate with Sen. Jon Tester this Sunday in Whitefish, Rosendale chose to prioritize his East Coast donors over Montanans and has spent at least a third of his time as the GOP Senate nominee fundraising in DC and ignoring his job in Montana.

Rosendale keeps putting his campaign over serving the people of Montana (his job)—but then he has never really shown much interest in his job: saying that it doesn’t matter who sits in his seat on the Land Board, not showing up to Land Board meetings and delaying Land Board votes because he was too busy campaigning, and rubber-stamping health care rate hikes of up to 23 percent.

Maryland Matt likes to say he serves how he campaigns. That might not be a lie from Rosendale—for a change—since so far in his campaign, he’s neglected his responsibilities as auditor, gone back on his word, and put out-of-state billionaires and dark money groups above Montanans.


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