As Shoddy Short-Term Plans Expand in Montana, “Rosendale Vague On Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions”


Helena – Even as East Coast developer Matt Rosendale heralds the expansion shoddy short-term plans, which kicks in today in Montana, he is being “vague on protections for pre-existing conditions.”

Short-term plans aren’t required to cover pre-existing conditions, a fact that makes it difficult for Rosendale to claim he will protect coverage for Montanans with pre-existing conditions. Rosendale has been called out since, as insurance commissioner, he “should know that the policies he supports do the opposite of what he promised.”

The most specific he could get was that “I’ve worked to try and cover pre-existing conditions” with no specifics. His spokesman’s answer? “It depends…”

Not great.

Montana Public Radio: Rosendale Vague On Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions
By Corin Cates-Carney
October 1, 2018

Key points:

  • “‘The problem with short term insurance is that they are not subject to the same level of regulation,’ says Bryce Ward, an economist at the University of Montana. ‘Short term insurance essentially becomes junk insurance.’”
  • “Ward says, ‘and that places more of the burden of illness on the sick.’”
  • “A burden like they had before the Affordable Care Act, when sick people – or those with pre-existing conditions – were routinely denied health insurance, or charged prices too high to afford coverage.”
  • “‘Since I entered into the Auditor’s office, I’ve worked to try and cover pre-existing conditions,’ Rosendale said.”
  • “But that’s about as specific as Rosendale has been on how he thinks people with pre-existing conditions could remain covered if Obamacare is repealed.”

Read the entire article HERE.


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