Senior Montana Republican: “Send Gianforte Home to Play With His Money”

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Senior Montana Republican: “Send Gianforte Home to Play With His Money”
Former Mayor of Kalispell slams Gianforte for “hoping to buy this election,” “hid[ing] behind his money”
Helena, MT – New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte can’t seem to catch a break these days. In a scathing letter to the editor, senior Montana Republican Tammi Fisher criticized Gianforte’s candidacy for Governor, asking Montanans to join her in “sending Gianforte home to play with his money.”

Fisher, a former mayor of Kalispell, tore into Gianforte, accusing him of trying to buy his way into the Governor’s mansion. She writes, “Montana’s soul is priceless and can’t be bought by a billionaire. Gianforte has purchased virtually every endorsement he has.” Fisher points out Gianforte’s repeated refusals to personally engage with Montanans, accusing him of “hid[ing] behind his money.” Gianforte, whose net worth is estimated to be just short of $200 million, has dumped over $1 million into his own campaign. 

Fisher also suggests that Montana’s children can’t look up to Congressman Gianforte as a role model, pointing to his criminal record. Gianforte lied to the police investigating his assault, a charge to which he later pleaded guilty.

“Greg Gianforte is such a toxic candidate that even his fellow Republicans feel a responsibility to speak out so strongly against him,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “This Republican primary is the most openly hostile in decades. Greg Gianforte’s ability to bring Republicans and Democrats together around their shared distaste for him is unmatched.”


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