Sad But True: Rosendale’s Record Rife with Votes Against Montana’s Volunteer Firefighters


Helena – Three years ago today, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale voted against increasing the maximum allowance for volunteer firefighters from $300 per year to $3,000 per year. The bipartisan measure passed with a large majority, without Rosendale’s vote. But Rosendale’s history of voting against Montana’s brave first responders doesn’t end there.

Maryland Matt has consistently opposed bolstering volunteer firefighters’ salaries and benefits, voting three times against Montana Volunteer Firefighters Association-backed measures to increase pension benefits for volunteer firefighters, including a bill Ryan Zinke argued would benefit “the backbone of rural communities,” volunteer firefighters, by allowing service after 30 years to count towards their pensions. Not only that, he voted against a bill to provide rural firefighters injured in the line of duty the same financial protections as city firefighters.

Rosendale also opposed covering Montana’s volunteer firefighters with workers compensation insurance, going against the Montana Fire Alliance who said workers compensation was their top policy priority for Montana’s firefighters. And let’s not forget he voted against a bipartisan measure to allow our volunteer firefighters and other first responders critically injured in the line of duty to fish with a conservation license during rehabilitation trips.

This terrible record shows how little respect Rosendale has for our volunteer firefighters who risk their lives for us, and how he will not look out for them.


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