Ryan Zinke’s Terrible, No Good Week

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Friday, June 10th, 2022

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Ryan Zinke’s Terrible, No Good Week 

Did Zinke’s Wife Even Vote For Him?


Helena, MT – On Tuesday’s Primary election for the GOP congressional candidate in MT01, Republican voters sent a surprising message: Zinke’s $2 million, his Trump Endorsement, and his flashy national name recognition wasn’t going to be enough to pull out a decisive win. 

Starting the day as the presumptive favorite for the Republican MT01 candidate, Ryan Zinke ended primary day in a virtual dead-tie with a no-name candidate he had outspent 4 to 1

The shocking results clearly scared him – early Thursday morning he sent a bizarre fundraising email, claiming he’d been “humbled” and needed money for a potential recount and to “expose the fraudulent election tactics that Democrats used in the race.”

According to publicly available voter information, it appears that Lolita Zinke, Ryan’s wife, did not vote in the district. Could this be because she’s a full-time resident in California? Or did she, like nearly 60% of Montana Republicans in the Western District, not want Ryan Zinke to be the Republican nominee?  

“After barely eking out a primary win over a candidate he outspent 4 to 1, Zinke has chosen to blame the Democrats for his election results, instead of accepting that he’s simply not as strong a candidate as he thinks he is,” says Sheila Hogan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “The Montana Democrats are ready for November.”   


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