Russell Fagg’s Plagiarism Prompted Him to Leave the Montana Law Review


Helena – A year ago this week Russell Fagg admitted he plagiarized while on the Montana Law Review, compelling him to resign.

Could it have been a sign of things to come?

Fagg is currently facing two federal complaints surrounding his unethical behavior.

He is facing an ethics complaint for failing to disclose all of his assets, including his private plane, in his required personal financial disclosure.

For months upon months, Fagg avoided being transparent with Montana voters, refusing to disclose how much money – and from whom – he had raised in his unethical shadow campaign for Senate, which began while he was still a sitting judge.

Fagg is also facing an FEC complaint for raising political money while he was a sitting judge.

“Russell Fagg’s long-standing lack of transparency is unethical and shows he won’t be honest with Montana voters,” said Brooke Bainum, spokeswoman for the Montana Democratic Party. “Whether he’s trying to hide his private plane, copying other people’s writing, or engaging in political fundraising as a judge, Fagg has proven he doesn’t share Montana’s values and won’t represent what’s best for Montanans.”


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