Russell Fagg Awkwardly “Campaigns” for Rosendale


“Matt, you can talk a good story, but facts don’t lie” — Russell Fagg earlier this year

Helena – As he appeared with East Coast developer Matt Rosendale today, it must have been tough for ethically challenged Russell Fagg to try to convince Montanans (and himself, frankly) that he actually supports Rosendale.

Just a few short months ago, during the GOP primary, Fagg couldn’t stop attacking Rosendale:

  • For being dishonest about his support for transferring public lands
  • For his out-of-state endorsements
  • For pretending to be a rancher
  • For being “swamp-like”
  • And for having East Coast, not Montana, values.

While Fagg faced many ethics challenges of his own, maybe he thinks that his own ethics problems don’t look so bad compared to Rosendale’s own ethically shady record:


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