In Rosendale’s own words: “I have long been on the record as an advocate for the transfer of federal public lands”


Helena – Despite continued misleading claims made by East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale, his record on public lands is clear: he’s pushed repeatedly for the transfer of our public lands.

He even touted his support for land transfers, saying that, “I have long been on the record as an advocate for the transfer of federal public lands to the state.” Such land transfers could make it easier to sell off public lands and develop them.

The Missoulian, 5/21/2014

In his failed 2014 run for Congress, Rosendale was a self-professed strong supporter of transferring public lands to the state, going so far as to suggest the transfer of Montana’s public lands – 35% of our state – for “economic development” and to “divert a lot of those revenues into the roads.”

Rosendale loves to talk a big game about public lands access for Montanans, but only a couple years ago, he wasn’t afraid to go on the record about his long-held aspiration to transfer federal public lands to the state, which would devastate Montana’s outdoor economy and could force the sale of lands to private owners, closing off public access to Montana’s sportsmen.

This might come as a surprise to Rosendale, but moving to Montana to buy a $2 million ranch and calling himself a rancher isn’t fooling anyone. Rosendale’s longtime, on-the-record desire to make it easier to develop Montana’s treasured public lands is just further evidence that he doesn’t share Montana values.


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