Rosendale’s Vision For Women is Way Out-of-Touch with Montana Values


Helena – Given East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s habit of flip-flopping, playing political games, and misleading Montanans, his record on the issues from one day to the next is not always clear. But if there’s one thing Montanans can be sure of, it’s that Rosendale has repeatedly voted against the interests of Montana women.

Rosendale has been a consistent advocate for involving politicians in women’s personal health care decisions: championing regressive “personhood” legislation that could make several common forms of birth control illegal, pushing to defund women’s health clinics, threatening to rob 13,000 Montanans of their health care in the process, and voting to force Montana women to endure invasive medical procedures, such as mandatory ultrasounds.

Many of the health care “solutions” Rosendale pushes like short-term plans or Medi-Share do not even have to cover pre-existing conditions, meaning some of these plans do not cover maternity care at all.

Rosendale’s votes against Montana women don’t stop at the doctor’s office. In the state legislature, Rosendale voted against a highly popular bipartisan bill to help stem human trafficking in Montana, protect victims, and require perpetrators found guilty to register as sex offenders. The law has been highly effective: after it passed, the state rescued 83 percent more adult trafficking victims and rescued 400 percent more juvenile trafficking victims, from 2015-2016.

Rosendale also voted against extending unemployment insurance for victims of domestic violence who were forced to leave their jobs as a result of being abused, assaulted, or stalked.

And let’s not forget that Rosendale voted against even bringing to the floor the Montana Paycheck Fairness Act, which would’ve helped close the wage gap and ensure equal pay for work.

Throughout his entire career, Rosendale has proven time and again that he will not stand up for Montana women’s right to equal pay and the ability to control their own health care decisions. He won’t hesitate to push for restricted access to health care, put politics between a woman and her doctor, and oppose common sense legislation to protect victims of sex crimes. Those aren’t anywhere near Montana values.


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