Rosendale’s Out-of-Touch Policies Would Harm Montana’s Workers


Helena – As outside special interest groups pour millions of dollars into Montana to support East Coast real estate developer Matt Rosendale, Rosendale seems more than willing to set aside Montana’s working families to do the bidding of his out-of-state supporters, funded heavily by anti-labor forces like Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein and Club for Growth.

Rosendale has aligned himself with Washington politicians who support “right to work” laws that would hurt Montana’s union workers.

He’s voted to remove the Montana Hire preference and prevailing wage standards from public works projects, which could have led to a “huge loss of good jobs for Montana workers.” In fact, had Rosendale had his way, Rosendale-backed legislation would have lowered workers’ wages and given “a leg up to out-of-state contractors,” according to the Montana AFL-CIO, Montana Building and Construction Trades, and IBEW, all of whom opposed the legislation.

And he’s staunchly opposed raising the federal minimum wage, calling it a “ridiculous” idea, while he’s voted to prohibit local governments from increasing their minimum wage above the state’s minimum wage.

Anti-labor groups poured in millions of dollars into Montana in the primary alone, just to prop up Rosendale’s campaign. Whatever Rosendale might be promising them in return, we know it wouldn’t be good for Montana workers.


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