More on Rosendale’s Out-of-State Support: the Sketchy Senate Reform Fund


Helena – Last week, a newly formed out-of-state dark money super PAC, the Senate Reform Fund, was caught lying about Sen. Jon Tester’s record and fabricating quotes.

The Senate Reform Fund, doing the dirty work of wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale, was created on June 29, one day before committees were required to report their donors for the previous months. It filed its quarterly report, but disclosed no donors. This month thus far it has spent $380,000 on false and misleading ads against Tester.

Of course, this is far from the first time anonymous outsiders have tried to influence Montana’s election and prop up Rosendale. Out-of-state dark money groups spent millions of dollars to drag Rosendale across the finish line among a primary field of third tier candidates.

So it’s no wonder Rosendale praises the ruling that facilitated the modern-day equivalent of the Copper Kings. He can barely muster up any in-state support but as out-of-state dark money groups spend big to help him, all he has to do is follow what they say.

While Sen. Tester has fought to increase transparency in our elections and get dark money out of politics, Rosendale has repeatedly voted against requiring dark money groups todisclose campaign expenditures and donors and increased transparency in campaign finance. Rosendale seemingly hasn’t learned—or doesn’t care—that those aren’t Montana values.


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