Rosendale’s Disturbing Record of Misleading Montanans and Lacking Transparency, Accountability


Helena – If Montana voters are looking for someone with ethics in Matt Rosendale, we’ll have to look elsewhere, because the State Frauditor just hasn’t been honest with Montanans about what he’s done since he moved to Montana – and he is seemingly incapable of doing so.

Rosendale has misled Montanans on just about everything, from details as simple as his biography to his voting record on key issues to his role in pushing for harmful policies. And he has lacked transparency every step of the way.

Here are just a few of the things Rosendale has failed to be honest and transparent with Montanans about:

Accountability, honesty, and transparency are Montana values, but unethical Matt Rosendale has proven to us time and again that he doesn’t share Montana values.


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