All of Rosendale’s Campaign Trips to DC Must Be Paying Off

Brooke BainumNews

Rosendale Gets Another Out-of-State Endorsement, While Snubbed By Group Actually in Montana

Helena – It looks like all the time Matt Rosendale has spent off in Washington, DC campaigning and neglecting his job in Montana has finally started to pay off (in addition to all that outside special interest money).

After failing to get the Montana Chamber of Commerce’s usual endorsement of a Republican candidate for Senate, the East Coast developer and State Frauditor was able to convince the U.S. Chamber of Commerce he was worth endorsing. (He’s not.)

While the Montana Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the Republican in each Montana Senate race since 2012, they declined to endorse Rosendale this year—for the second time as he’s run for higher office—recognizing a weak candidate out-of-touch with Montana values when they see one.

Rosendale is notorious for failing to do his job as Montana’s insurance commissioner, admitting that he didn’t believe it mattered who did his job. Meanwhile, he’s been spending large portions of his work weeks campaigning instead of doing his job.

Since the June 5 primary, Rosendale has been out of state campaigning for at least eight days and has held zero public events with Montanans in his official capacity as state auditor that we know of.


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