Rosendale’s Campaign Freaks Out After His Latest Dance Around Being a Fake Rancher


Helena – The Missoula Independent pointed out a very touchy response from Matt Rosendale’s campaign to a reporter who recently asked the candidate and self-proclaimed rancher if he had any cattle.

While Rosendale refused to answer the simple question, his campaign consulting staff did have something to say in response, calling the reporter a “hack” and “pathetic” multiple times.

Just as poorly, Rosendale yet again dodged a question about “a point central to his campaign” – his repeated claims to be a rancher, even though public records show that Rosendale has never owned any cattle or ranched his own land.

Maybe Rosendale will finally admit the truth to Montanans and save his staff from snapping at a question about their boss’s faked biography.

Missoula Independent: Etc: Rosendale’s campaign has a cow. But does he?
By Missoula Independent
August 23, 2018

Key points:

  • “…Roll Call reporter Simone Pathe caught up with Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale and asked if he had [cattle]. Rosendale’s response, which Pathe shared via Twitter, left something to be desired.”
  • “‘I would love to challenge Jon Tester to a fence-building contest any day of the week,’ Rosendale said, ‘and we’ll see who’s a rancher.’”
  • “We’ll resist the urge to school Rosendale on the differences between a rancher (which Tester isn’t) and a farmer (which Tester is) and get straight to the jarring reaction to Pathe’s tweet.”
  • “Apparently losing a head of his own, Rosendale staffer Brandon Moody fired back on Twitter calling Pathe a ‘pathetic hack’ and accusing her of playing ‘gotcha.’”
  • “The sad thing is that Rosendale got away without giving a firm response on a point central to his campaign (though public records and Rosendale statements dug up by Talking Points Memo indicate that Rosendale doesn’t own any cattle).”

Read the entire article HERE.


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