Rosendale (Yet Again) Campaigns for Himself on a Work Week Instead of Working for Montanans


Helena – It’s summer, yes, and it’s apparently vacation time for Montana’s State Frauditor Matt Rosendale. Why does he act like he gets time off from his official job to campaign?

Surprisingly, Rosendale is in Montana today, but he’s still not doing his job. Instead, he’s campaigning and posting about it in a social media frenzy. And Rosendale is slated to campaign tomorrow as well, taking yet another day off from the job Montanans elected him to do.

Just last week, Rosendale was in Washington, DC for at least two days – in the middle of the work week – to fundraise for his campaign. Rosendale skipped out on Montanans looking for him outside his office here in Montana to discuss health insurance rate hikes, like the ones of up to 23 percent that he rubber stamped last year.

Meanwhile, Rosendale is refusing to hold public hearings on rate proposals this year, a customary practice for elected officials who want to be transparent. And he was called out this morning by a Montanan for putting his campaign and fundraising above the people of Montana.

Since the June 5th primary, Rosendale has held zero public events with Montanans in his capacity as state auditor, but has spent at least eight days out of the state campaigning – that we know of.

When does he do his job?


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