Rosendale Voted Against Repealing Law That Allowed the Government to Strip Driver’s Licenses from Montanans Struggling with Student Loans


The Bill Rosendale Opposed Repealed the Government’s Ability to Revoke Driver’s Licenses for Students Who Defaulted On Their Loans

Helena – Until just a few years ago, the state of Montana could take away driver’s licenses from student loan borrowers if they defaulted on their loans. For some, that meant not being able to get to the job they were using to help pay off their loans.

Thanks to a bipartisan bill, though, that “counterintuitive punishment” was repealed.

And yet East Coast developer Matt Rosendale supported maintaining the status quo by voting against repealing the law, which his Republican colleague compared to “shooting yourself in the foot.”

Taking away someone’s driver’s license would only worsen the problem, making it more difficult for Montanans in areas with little to no public transportation to get to work or to find work, and thus get paid.

See the problem?

Taking away driver’s licenses from Montanans working to pay off their student loans makes about as much sense as calling yourself a “rancher” when you have never owned any cattle. But we shouldn’t expect fake rancher Rosendale to understand that.


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