Rosendale Voted to Privatize Veterans Home, Cut Budget by Over $3 Million


Helena – Seven years ago yesterday wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale voted against Montana’s veterans, opposing a bipartisan amendment to remove language from a budget proposal that would have privatized the Columbia Falls veterans home and cut its funding by $3.3 million.

State officials, veterans service organizations, Montana residents, and Republican lawmakers including Ryan Zinke heavily criticized the privatization, yet Maryland Matt spoke on the floor in favor of it and even suggested that “forc[ing] the privatization” of the home would be a good thing.

The Montana Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) was “really upset” about the proposed privatization, saying that “when a home gets privatized, the care goes out the window.” A VFW State Senior Vice Commander also blasted it because “veterans are tired of corporations making a profit off our wounds and disabilities.”

More than 2,000 residents of Columbia Falls also signed a petition in opposition to the privatization of the veterans home and a hundred Flathead residents protested its privatization.

So if he wasn’t looking out for Montana’s veterans, who was he looking out for? Perhaps we need to look no further than the DC special interest Koch Brothers, who have given Rosendale a perfect rating. The Koch Brothers have made privatizing the VA a top priority.

Rosendale’s vote shows he would put special interests over veterans if it means personal political gain, and is yet another example of this dangerous agenda hurting our veterans.


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